Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Girl On The Train :: book club discussion

Holy toledo!!! What. A. Book. I mean, sheesh!!!

WARNING: Do not read any further unless you have finished the book!!! Otherwise it's about to be spoiled for you which is BAD NEWS! You definitely want to read the book for yourself!

Okay, that put out there... It took me awhile to finish. But everything took me awhile in *March, so, yeah well, there's more info about that in my last post.

The first little chapter of this book, or actually the first paragraph, left me thinking: What am I getting into? And do I want to at all?! It just starts so dark and depressing. I wasn't sure that I wanted to submerge myself into anything dark & depressing. But, I continued reading.

More of the same. It took a bit to get into things. But somehow, just gradually and life like, I was involved in the characters and story. What in the World? Where could this possibly be going?

I'd say that the book kept the dark tone throughout. But instead of just seeming/being wildly depressing, it became more intriguing; a story that, although the events were extreme (news worthy & dramatic), just seemed like life. In other words, I found it easy to get into. It seemed realistic, or was relatable, in the sense that this sort of thing happens. Albeit, hopefully never to me!! Or, to you!!

So Rachel, the main character is a drunk. I sort of wanted to drink. And did some while I was reading on occasion. The reader really starts to feel for her. But for a long while it was a shallow feeling, because she was just dwelling in it all instead of working toward moving on. For Pete's sake, take a different TRAIN. And find a new job if that means taking a different TRAIN!!! But, she's an alcoholic. What could she do? And she was obsessed. 

She's still in love with her ex. The train goes past their old home, where he still lives, and with his new wife and their daughter twice every day. When Rachel was still married to him, she was unable to conceive and it ruined her. She couldn't get past it. As a result she drank, and she was a really bad drunk.

A few doors down lives Jess & Jason, two people Rachel doesn't know, but who look perfect to her. She can see them from the train window, and she invents a story about them in her head; about who they are and what their relationship is like. 

Once Megan disappears (the real woman; who was dubbed Jess), Rachel is all of the sudden a part of Megan's life. She wants to help solve the mystery; the crime if there is one.

So it goes on and on, and Rachel is put in the path of her Ex husband and his wife...all a ton of dramatics. But, I gotta say, interesting ones. I got to a point where I had no idea what was going on or how things were going to end up, and wanted to know more!!

I didn't know whether Megan ran away or off with someone. Or if her husband did something to her (though I never really thought so). I started to wonder if Anna was some crazy person and did something to Megan...throughout the entire book I sort of suspected that Rachel did something really bad to Megan. Rachel couldn't remember because she would black out while she drank. (Sorry, this is sort of sounding like a book report!) Anyway, I never even thought about Tom!!! Of course there was the shrink to consider. I didn't think he did it. IF there was an it that had been done at all!!

Aaaah! Well anyway, the worst part of the book for me was learning how Megan had had an infant and was also responsible for the baby's death. It broke my heart. A) because it happened at all, and B) because it was unintentional. If it were intentional, it would have just turned Megan into a bad guy character, and even though she wasn't fantastic, she wasn't a bad guy in my mind.

Alright so, then we find out what happened. Utter. Shock. The ending (about the last 150 or 100 pages) was super fun for me. It was like Bam bam BAM!!! Plus, it was pretty gratifying. A good ending overall, even though lots was not good and was left not good. 

Okay, once I found out it was Tom. And also that Rachel & Anna both knew, AND that they each knew that each other knew...I couldn't get this song out of my head!! Crazy perfect, huh?!

Yeah, so I kept wondering if Rachel was going to end up pregnant with Scott's baby. The author never did that to us!!!

Here's what I thought about the 6 main Characters in 5 words or less:

Rachel- sad, delusional, obsessed, low self-esteem

Tom- shallow (I never gave him much thought, honestly)

Anna- super shallow, annoying, dumb, skinny

Megan (Jess)- flaky, has issues

Scott (Jason)- jealous; with reason, big

Cathy- annoying but nice; normal

My ratings of various aspects of the book, with 10 being the best:

Plot/Story- 10 // that someone could even think this up amazes me!

Writing style- 9 // unique, kept me engaged

Pace- 7 // it felt slow, but that may have added to the dramatic ending!

Length- 10

Characters- 9

Ending- 9

Overall- 10

I give The Girl On The Train a strong thumbs up...
Fun, fun!! We've had two great books in a row!! Is it possible to have a third? Chloe and I will post the next book announcement soon!! Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to head over to Chloe's blog now to see what she thought of this book!! Thanks for reading with us!



  1. So your post and comments on my post have given me a little perspective on Megan. I was a little angry at her and can tend to get a little judgey. Not nice, but luckily it is only a book character.

    And, I did't even address Cathy in my characters recap - she was nice. I actually couldn't believe she put up with Rachel. She was boring, but I think we was actually a good friend to Rachel. Rachel's ONLY friend at some points. Rachel didn't give her enough credit, I don't think.


    1. I completely agree on Cathy. I almost put her in my list of characters for the same reasons (thought she should be mentioned), but then thought, "meh." So I didn't give her enough credit either!! Can you imagine...living with someone under those circumstance (If you are Rachel), and allowing someone to live with you under those circumstances (If you are Cathy)? I wouldn't/couldn't really imagine being either character!!! Thank goodness Rachel had her for sure! xoxox!

  2. I enjoyed this book and like you mentioned, the last 100 pages were intense and I had a hard time putting the book down! Initially, I struggled to follow the story and actually thought that maybe there was one main female role with split personalities...I had to keep going back and looking at the dates. Once I got that situated I began to be suspicious and was not.that surprised about the ending!

    1. It is so amazing to me that you'd begun to suspect Tom!!! That completely blindside me!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the book and found the last part of it intense despite being so tuned in!!

      How weird that there's a Rachel in our next book, huh?! I was sorta ready to be done with Rachel for awhile, haha!!