Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fin First tank + Wrenn Jewelry + Minnetonka Mocs + Simply Angie + Miss Me blue glass jeans = mySTYLE april

top: Fin First Let Your Soul Shine Tank, adult small... Fin First makes my dream summer top wardrobe!!
jeans: Miss Me skinny jeans- Chandelier in blue glass
shoes: Beaded Kelty Moc, in white, by Minnetoka 


earring: Cheapy gold hoops from Claire's!
necklaces: Pretty by JL Fin First Limited Edition Shell Necklace (available May-August in the Shop) :: Gold Dipped Antler Tip Necklace by Shop Mountainmade
bracelets: Starting at the bottom and going up: Wrenn Jewelry, aqua druzy bangle :: Positively Lindsay Beaded Stack :: Pretty by JL Pom Bracelet :: April's bracelet via Pretty by JL's Wrist Love Subscription :: Part of Positively Lindsey's stack (previously linked)
rings: See January's post, last year, for details here.
nail polish: EverGlaze by China Glaze in Mint-ality, and SensatioNail gel polish in babydoll pink on pointer finger & thumb...gel is the only thing that withstands my accessory making. Those fingers have to have it or the nails break and my finger tips crack!!! Blood + Silk = a BAD thing!! I loooove the EverGlaze for my other nails and toenails!! But these days my thumb and pointer finger don't get to match ;P
clutch: Simply Angie Handmade
key fob: Dream Key Weave by Pretty by JL
sunglasses: see February 2014's post for details

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Well hey, hey!! Long time no talk...I'm seriously kidding!! Em and I have been on a blogging role this week; in an attempt to get back on schedule! Actually, Em has been the only of the two of us who's been on schedule!! If you missed April's Kid Project, you'll want to go check it out!!! It is my favorite  of the year's so far! 

There isn't much new to report on my end, and since my last style post (3 days ago). So, I think I'll just let you go and get my blue glass booty to bed!!

But, I've got to tell you...featured here are some of my very favorite small & not so small brands. If you see something you like please check the details above and visit the sites!! Comment below if you have questions! And how about this southwest Colorado scenery...where are my heart eyes when I need them?! Esther and I shot in the ditch behind her house. The water hasn't been turned on yet...glamorous, huh? Well that's how we roll, and I love every minute of it!!



  1. Looking gorgeous! The top knot looks fabulous! I may be out of functionality that you wear the top knot, but it looks soooo cute!!!

    1. Thank you, Chloe!! That makes me feel better about it, since that's the norm lately. Although I have to say, it looked *extra good this day ;)

  2. Agreed, I am digging the top knot! Plus I so LOVE the sea glass denim color on you! Even more so after the butt pocket close-up!

    1. Haha, thanks Em!! I wasn't sure about the color of these jeans when I opened them...allllmost sent them back!! Any color denim is a stretch for me other than denim itself!! But I do love them now, and I'm so glad you liked that butt shot!! xoxox!

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