Monday, April 27, 2015

accessory making + Knot Unraveled + coffee + no make-up + barefoot = mySTYLE march {Esther snuck up on me} {and btw, so did April]

top: "Original Cowboy" top by PPLA Clothing. I bought it at Salon del Sol's boutique, The Style Lab, in Bayfield.
jeans: Miss Me boot cut jeans, I bet you couldn't/wouldn't guess ;)

bracelets: Pretty by JL Love Tag Bracelets, in peach, watermelon & tangerine silk.
rings: See January's post, last year, for details here.
toenail polish: EverGlaze by China Glaze in White Noise (I loooove this polish and have it in many gorgeous colors!! It's like gel, but not! Just prep nails with alcohol first, and it will stay on your toe nails for a good month!!)
all the lovely crochet goods: Knot Unraveled

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Oh you guys!! I'm here! In these photos! This is where I really am!! Haha, incase you've been wondering; missing March's style post! Well, I've been missing it. It was painful for me to not be on time with it. But, that just goes with March...

If you're a friend on Instagram, you've seen bunches of me. And in all honesty, few others have. My Shop has started moving. It may not look like it, but going from no orders to orders is an adjustment!! I've been averaging about one per day, and it usually consists of multiple accessories (bracelets. Love Tag or Gold Mono Geo bracelets to be exact.) 

Anyway, I've added the handmade workload + marketing to my SAM routine, and that doesn't leave extra time for much else. The plan for March's mySTYLE post all along was that Esther would surprise me. We were going for an a la natural shoot; not necessarily a day in the life of, but it certainly turned into a moment in the life of sort of thing!

So, sure enough, Esther showed up on the one day in the first half of March that I just rolled out of bed and threw clothes on!! I didn't even have earrings in (which is extremely unusual)! I'm not trying to claim that I look better than this most days, I don't. These days, I shower, on average, every 3-5 days (not kidding) and I almost always throw my hair up into a top knot. BUT. I usually accessorize and put concealer on. And maybe even mascara. However, on this particular day I did not!

So much has happened since this day that I can't remember what I was in such a rush about. The photos make the place look so calm (despite the mess that my desk is). The truth is that the entire house was a mess pile, but Esther didn't photograph the whole house (thank goodness). Anyway, she showed up a little after 2pm. The girls were still napping, and I had 45 minutes to work on accessories before I went to pick up True from school. I couldn't believe when I heard the little tap on my door. I mean, I could. Of course this would be the day!! I'd made extra effort to look stylish, despite only showering every 5 days, every other day in the first part of March because I knew Esther would come one of the days (because she was going out of town the 2nd part of the month)! But, not this day!! This day I rolled out of bed and hit the floor running! This was the day that Esther came.

All that said, this was a wonderful day. Esther brought with her canvases I'd been longing for. You'll see those in a few months when we do the mySTYLE home edition. I'd also just gotten home from the Post Office and it was a very fun mail day. Goodies came from Knot Unraveled (pictured) and AIMbaby Shop. And most importantly, it was a "work" day. It being a work day means that it's designated to making accessories, and I love making accessories. If it weren't a work day, it'd be a house day, and those are a lot less fun for me.

Alright, so now that it's a month behind me or better, I can look at the photos and really appreciate them. I can love them for being the truth. What my life is like right now (at nap time which is like .00003% of the time) (just kidding. it's more than that, but the rest of the time feels a lot more busy by way of kid sound + movement). BUT. I can appreciate my small space lit by beautiful natural light, and that I have a creative outlet. And one that others are beginning to enjoy as well.

I spend lots of time on Instagram right now. I post photos of products & charm layouts (or flatlays) on my white tray. I had just done that before Esther showed up. Then she photographed it from a different angle. IG angles are different from what we're used to with traditional photography; sort of a bunch of selfies and flatlays. Here's the photo I'd posted just before Esther arrived, if you'd like to see. 

Since we'd planned for the month's shoot to be a surprise, I just laughed, and we rolled with it. I told Esther what I was doing and she suggested that I just make something; to keep "working" and she'd take pics. So that's what we did (with the occasional pose...I had to show you those toes!)

Well so, that's the story with the March style post. Why it's late is a whole 'nother thing!!! We had WEEKS of spring crud. So first, True got sick. I am alway a stress case when True is sick because of the asthma piece. However, he (we) got through it withOUT needing help from doctors for breathing or the sickness!!! So that was awesome. Well then, both girls got sick. G did his best, but didn't feel great. And THEN. I got and EAR. INFECTION. It was awful. I hope to never, ever, ever have one ever again. It took a loooong time to feel better. I will spare you the tedious details because I've already taken too much of your time. But, let me tell was not fun. And then, I posted the first late style post since Esther and I began doing them.

So. In two days I'll post April's mySTYLE post. It is beautiful (I dressed for the occasion) and it features some of my favorite small (and not so small) shops!!! I hope you'll stop by to see it!


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