Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Project :: Primary Color Mixing & Tape Resist

Hello there!  Time for the March Pretty Project.  I decided that I would share one of our favorite art activities for this month.  We use varying versions of this almost every single month.  My kiddos love to paint and tape resist is fun for all five of them!  Just Google "tape resist projects" or do a search on Pinterest and you will find a plethora of ideas!  For this post, I will share what I did with my three youngest (ages 4 and 18 months) in detail, but I encourage everyone to use this idea and come up with their own version!  There are so many options!  Each time we do it, it turns out beautifully plus it is easy and fun!
  • paper
  • tape (painters tape is best, but masking tape works too)
  • paint (I used primary colors + white)
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • paper shape cutouts and glue or letter stickers (optional)


  • Take a piece of blank paper and tape your design/stick on your stickers/lightly glue on a paper shape. 
    •  This month I had my 4 year old choose what he wanted to create and he picked a K.  I cut the tape to make sure he had the right size pieces (or because I am a super control freak....) and let him put the "K" together.  For the twins, I used a tried and true favorite of mine, simple hearts.  When I use a paper shape vs a sticker or tape, I like to pre-prepare the page.  To do this I lightly glue the edges of the shape down (by lightly, I mean not much glue and I use semi permanent craft glue stick only on the edges), then I paint around the edges with white paint and let it dry thoroughly before my kids paint.  This creates a nice seal so the image comes off cleanly and doesn't move even with vigorous toddler painting!

  • Choose paint colors!  
    • For the purposes of this picture, I wanted my 4 year old to experiment with color mixing (this is always fun!).  We started with the three primary colors and white.  I let each child choose two colors (Dom only chose one, so I helped with the other because then we had a picture in every combination.....again with the controlling thing....  Looking back it might have been better to let him just use blue and mixed in white, but we can do that next time....)

Dom was ready to paint as soon as he saw me taping his paper down!  (I told you, we really love painting!) He is angry/frustrated the paint isn't coming out!  Don't worry, I put the camera down and helped a baby out!

  • Let the painting commence!  Since we were experimenting with color mixing, I put the paint choices directly on the paper.  K was very careful to mix different proportions of colors to see what the outcome would be.  Once he found the color he liked (FIRE orange!), he painted the whole page!  The twins were just happy to paint!  Kurtis really took interest in how all the color combinations turned out, which I loved!  A had fun painting everything within reach and D was happy as long as I kept putting more paint on his page!

  • Let the pictures dry and clean up! (Okay, you don't have to clean up right here, but I needed a reason to add the cute picture of the babies in the sink!)

  • After the paint is completely dry, peel off the tape/stickers/paper shapes!  This is my older boys' favorite part!  Peel carefully, the paper can rip easily.  
  • Enjoy your gorgeous works of art! (I have a heart picture as the "first masterpiece" for each of my children with their names and age at time of painting written on them as wonderful keepsakes)
FYI, If you don't want to do the prep work of a paper shape, it looks just as nice to glue a shape on after the painting, with half as much work.  Here is one K did the other day. (The dinosaurs are from my Silhouette Cameo, which is one of my favorite crafting tools EVER!)  Or you can use a reverse shape effect too, like the heart trees that were in the Valentine's Day craft collage from last month.
Happy March!  Happy Spring!  xoxo Emily

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