Tuesday, February 3, 2015

new Love Tag accessories :: Valentines Day coupon code

So, I finally put Love Tag Necklaces in the shop for customization. I had made myself one awhile ago. Now I have three, and I wear one {at least, sometimes two} every day.

For fun I added a tassel. There are 3 tassels to choose from.

My favorite thing about these necklaces is that they're adjustable. You simply slide the knots along the silk to reach the desired length. This is why I wear one every day, because the length is versatile. Also because the silk is so soft and light. Also because they're pretty. And because I'm a sentimental sap and I like charms.

So, naturally, I'm making them in bracelet form. Actually I was already making these, which inspired the necklaces. An Etsy customer asked for a heart charm instead of the triangle festoon on a bracelet. I said, "Certainly!"

Then the Love Tag Bracelet was born. Customers know their stuff. How cute is that new baby size by the way?! It will actually fit most new babies and up to 20lbs. They are *tiny. And adorable!

Anyway, so what was actually naturally, was my making one for Evley.

I love this photo of her. It was such a goof up, but too cute!! I was trying so hard to get her to sit up on her own for a pretty picture. But she just kept falling back, and all while having an oh-so-grand-time!!

I can get all orders that are placed by midnight tomorrow {Wednesday, 2/4} out in time for Valentines Day delivery! Click here to shop, and use the code LOVETAG through tomorrow to receive 15% off you order!


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