Friday, January 16, 2015

Where'd You Go, Bernadette :: january book club

Well here it is, one of the self created reasons that I love 2015. Book club. About a year on both sides of my having True, I was in a book club. It was comprised of about eight lovely women at any given time {some came and went throughout my time in the club}. We called ourselves The Page Turners. But really we were friends.

It was an excuse to get together an evening a month at a coffee shop or for dinner. We very loosely and easily decided on a book, mostly novels but some nonfiction, and we all read it within the month {usually}. Then we'd start again.

We'd talk about the book and, again, loosely, we'd rate certain & set aspects of it. The "book talk" was pretty informal and would always spark up conversation about our own lives. We'd come and go from the topic of the book, and weave a web of girl talk around and throughout it. And we'd drink coffee or tea or wine. It was wonderful.

I've mourned the loss of that monthly get together for years. All of us just drifted apart. Some moved, and we all started our families. We tried to keep it together with a group on Facebook, but it just fizzled out.

I bought a random novel at the supermarket in November and thought, I'm going to read this over Thanksgiving break. Well, I read about half. I finished on New Years day. I decided that I needed to take the time to do that for myself regularly. I thought, Well why not a book a month? Just me, all by myself, without the motivation of the group or a monthly coffee date. Just for me. Because sometimes it's okay just to stop everything. Sometimes it's necessary.

So, somehow the topic came up in an email exchange between Chloe and I. Chloe is one of the founding members of The Page Turners and one of my dearest friends. She asked if I had a book in mind for January, and I said no. She told me that she'd been fascinated by the synopsis of Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. I immediately clicked on the link and decided then to make it my book. Chloe said that she'd read it in January, too. Book club was reborn.

Chloe also has a blog, and we've both decided to read the same book, one per month, for the year. We are each going to post the monthly selection to our blogs about mid month.

Since agreeing to read this book, we've gotten another dear friend {also an original member of Page Turners}, Emily, to read along with us. Anyone is welcome to read along and to check back in for discussion about the book. As a matter of fact, we hope that YOU read with us. And we hope that you'll join in the discussions on both blogs! We are aiming for somewhere right around 2/16 for the discussion posts about Bernadette. Then Chloe and I will announce February's book a few days afterwards.

G and I very seldom watch T.V. We actually don't have cable and only have a television for the convenience of putting on movies for the kids. I do a lot of reading in bed. Well, a lot of my reading is done in bed, I should say. I obviously haven't been doing much reading. But, that's about to change ;)

Where is your favorite or most common place to read? Do you prefer a good ol' fashioned book, or do you usually read on a tablet? Are there any titles you've been jonsing to read but haven't gotten to yet...something you'd like to suggest for book club?

We hope you'll join us and that we see you around the discussion!

<3 JL

>>---> oh, did you notice the pretty bookmark peeking out from my book? you can download and print one for free by clicking here... just a little bit more fun, compliments of Chloe! xoxox


  1. Book club!!! I will join this summer! For now I must attend to this grad school reading...

    1. Hooray, Joey!!! That's only about 4 books away! What a fun thing to look forward to for getting through the school year =) I can't wait until you sure to let me know if you come across something you'd like to read! I don't have many titles in mind, I just know I want to read ;P