Sunday, January 11, 2015

january quote :: desktop + art print + bookmark

Hello! To say I were excited would practically be an illegal understatement!! I mentioned that 2015 had fun new things in-store, by way of collaborations, here on the PRETTYblog! Well you're witnessing one RIGHT NOW.

Chloe has been collecting inspirational quotes for us, to which she'll work typographic magic on {one of her many geniuses}. Oh, you know, just a little more pretty for the blog this year.

No matter what your paper/technology/no-paper preferences may be, there's a way for you to enjoy this and be inspired all month long; for the entire year... 

>>---> to download the image to set to your desktop, click HERE.

>>---> to download the pdf for your free printable 5x7" art print print + 3x3" bookmark, click HERE.

>>---> to collect them all, click HERE!

I hope you love this as much as I do, and please stop by Chloe's blog to see what she's up to & to say, "Hi, thanks for the PRETTY quotes!"

If you're on Instagram I would loooove nothing more than to see how you are enjoying your #PRETTYbyJLquotes, please tag and share the love! You can find me @prettybyjl to see what I'm up to with mine & find more of Chloe @chloechristinemarty ;)


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