Saturday, January 31, 2015

2014 look book = mySTYLE january {one last glance back}


All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
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Can you believe that January is gone? I'm sort of stunned, although Christmas feels like it was three months ago. 

I know I've been in touch this year, but I feel a little out of touch...since I usually give my monthly update by way of the monthly style post. It was never supposed to go that way but it did. These posts were supposed to be photos and style details. You know me though, Miss Wordy. I have a hard time keeping things brief.

I mentioned last year that Esther and I had decided to bring our collaboration into 2015. She takes my picture once a month, and I get to use those photos here on the PRETTYblog and in my Etsy shop listings. In return, I post her photos for the world to see her amazingness. Because, you do know that the World reads the PRETTYblog, don't you? And there is no question regarding Esther's amazingness. There. All things handled.

We had so much fun last year it was just a little too sad to part ways. So, we didn't. However, we did take this month off. I figured it was just as well because we really needed a 2014 look book anyway.

I picked my favorite photo from each of last year's mySTYLE posts. You'd think it would be hard to pick a single photo, and it totally was, but there was one from every shoot that stood out in my mind. They're just simply my favorites. Below them are the links incase you'd like to peek back through, or if there's a month you missed. 

I feel nothing short of privileged to have all of these beautiful photos. You should consider a shoot of this nature for yourself sometime. On that note, Esther's PRETTYblog deal runs through 4-31-15. When you are in touch with her to schedule your photo session, mention the PRETTYblog to receive 1/2 off of your shoot. Compliments of our Mama's mySTYLE Giveaway {since we could only have one winner}.

As for how the year is going for me so far, it's fantastic. It's flying by, but looking good. Everyone has been healthy and mostly happy. I've been playing with silk regularly and enjoying some of the new monthly additions to the blog: &Chloe Quotes, Book Club, & Projects.

But I won't kid you when I tell you I'm tired and am trying my best to adjust to the extra load. I love it though. Evley isn't only a doll. She's also a doll that often times will sleep the night through; a twelve hour night. So, I've really began to feel like my driven-self again. Which can be good and bad. It's something that I have to really keep in check.

G and I have started laying new flooring since the start of the year, which is a big and wonderful deal. Watch for the mySTYLE home edition coming later in the year, along with several other fun spins to our monthly style posts. My home is sometimes a reflection of my insecurities. But, later in the year I'm going to have Esther photograph it and I'll share it here. I know that she'll do with it, for me, what she does with me, for me. She'll capture the pretty in it, which will allow me see it whenever I care to look.

How is your year shaping up? How about this nutty spring-esque whether we're having here in southwest Colorado?! Are you loving the winter season, or are you beginning to dream of summer like me? I'm dreaming, but am nowhere near ready for it. It's my reward. I'm going to do my best to mark some things off my list in the coming few months so that summer may be a fast & furious treat. So this winter business is all good with me =P

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