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Royston Turquoise ring + Miss Me Jeans + Dex + Danskos + a little shimmer = all Lindsay, mySTYLE december {Mama's mySTYLE Giveaway Winner!}

top: Dex top compliments of the Style Lab inside Salon del Sol.
jeans: Miss Me - Vivid Flower Border Boot Cut Jeans, find them here.
shoes: Dansko Mary Jane's with an embossed floral design, seemingly unavailable. Find something similar here and here

hair: Cut and style by and compliments of Cassie at the Wild Horse Salon in Bayfield.
earrings: Festive dangling stars from Claire's.
bracelet: Pretty by JL Custom Charm Wrap, customize one here.
rings: The beautiful turquoise ring had belonged to Lindsay's Grandma. After a tiny bit of research, I'm betting the origin of the stone is the Royston Turquoise Mines in Nevada. We aren't sure where Lindsay's Grandmother purchased the ring. If the stone isn't Royston Turquoise, it sure looks similar and you can see more Royston Turquoise here. Her other ring is opal and sterling silver, purchased in Durango, CO.
nails: Gel mani with a subtle sparkle/clear polish {absolutely gorgeous + Lindsay could be a hand model!!}, compliments of Salon del Sol in Bayfield.
makeup: Bare Minerals, compliments of Salon del Sol in Bayfield.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
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Early in the month, I parked in one of the diagonal spots on 8th St. in Durango, east of Main. It was drizzly, and it took me several minutes once I was parked to get organized and out of the truck. I'd arranged for a sitter for Elle West, but had Evley with me. True should have been in school but was not. He had had a terrible night's sleep, practically restless, and I really should have kept him home. But, I'd already rescheduled my coffee date with Lindsay once and didn't want to do it again unless it was completely necessary. So he came along. Two kids is an improvement over three on a coffee date, right?

I looked up and out my front windshield as a woman was passing by, walking the downhill grade toward Main. I hadn't seen Lindsay in person in years, just around Facebook here and there. Is that her? I wondered. The woman had a windbreaker on, with dark hair peeking out from her hood around her face. She glanced up for just a moment, and then continued with long easy strides down the sidewalk; her hands ever so cooly in her boyfriend jean pockets.

True made his way to the sidewalk from the truck like he was participating in a rodeo, as I went for Evley's car seat...I actually probably looked more like a rodeo doing that. You know what I drive. It's quite the hoist in and out with Evley's seat.

Anyway, finally with my purse all but the size of the carseat on my right shoulder, the infant car seat in the crook of my left arm, and a hooded True bug next to me, we made our way down the sidewalk.

Inside Durango Coffee Co. it was buzzing with a variety of customers visiting or shopping and having coffee. I stood there looking like I did and scanned the room for Lindsay. She appeared from behind some product shelving, and made her way toward me. I say me because True had moved on.

Lindsay's hood was down revealing her halfway pulled back hair and chunky modern eyeglass frames. She was effortlessly cool and seemed at one with Durango. When I asked her what'd be, and she said a mocha, I knew we'd hit it off. 

Meanwhile, True was rummaging through the drink cooler. He arrived at the counter with a blue Powerade and a Blue Pomegranate Honest Aide, "Look Mom, your favorite drink."

I had to buy both because it was so sweet of him to know. I drank as many of those when I was pregnant with Elle West as I did iced mochas with Evley. Well, maybe.

We found a round table at the back that was up against the bench and with one chair. I parked Evley on the floor, situated True on the bench, and went to the counter to collect mine and Lindsay's mochas. I also grabbed a couple cups of water, and our small table was soon very crowded.

Lindsay was obviously friendly. But quiet, like she was a tad uncertain what this circus was all about. I began poking around and here's what I learned about her:

How was your Thanksgiving? 
Non-traditional was how she responded. I should say so! She, Russ (her husband), and her boys (ages 5 & 2) rafted Cataract Canyon. Typically a 5-6 day trip, they did it in 4. And they'd just pullover and camp the nights in-between. She assured me that this sort of thing was possible (with 2 kids) due to their use of a motor + oars. Okay, so, she doesn't just look cool. She really is cool. And to think I was just complaining about have 2 kids with me in the coffee shop...Um, okay moving on.

Tell me a little about your boys. 
Orin is five and is curious. He likes to do experiments, explore, take things apart. He likes seeing how things work and riding his bike on ramps.

Rowan is two, and well, is pretty much defiant {laughs}.

How about your husband?
Russ and I met in college, Michigan State, we were both there for Forestry Degrees. We've been married for 11 years. Russ recently started a business in Durango called Studs Lumber. Basically, it's a way to buy local lumber for construction projects. They have a website and put together complete framing packages. It's going well. {learn more here, this is awesome & super interesting if you need lumber for a construction project}

How would you describe each of your boys with one word...
Orin? inquisitive
Rowan? defiant
Russ? driven

Where are you and Russ from?

What brought you to Durango?
A job with the Forest Service

Tell me more about what you do now.
I work for Ecosphere Environmental Services. They're a consulting company in the Oil & Gas Industry. I work in GIS which essentially is mapmaking. I'm working on getting a masters in GIS-Geographic Information Systems. Ecosphere is an excellent company to work for.

How do you spend your family time?
Getting out.

How about Mama time?
Mmm...I'd say mountain biking.

Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?

Do you have plans/are you doing anything for Christmas?
Russ and I are going whitewater kayaking in Veracruz for Christmas, south of Mexico City. My parents are coming to watch the boys.

Too amazingly cool. {I'm totally in awe by now.} Okay, I've got some for fun questions...

What color soothes & warms your soul?

What color excites you & makes you happy?

Coffee or orange juice?

Wine or beer?

Your favorite flower?

Favorite article of clothing?
down jacket

What attracted you to Russ?
He was fun & outgoing. I liked the interest he showed in me.

What makes you feel pretty?
Being appreciated for who I am and what I do.

What food most nourishes your soul?

Beach or mountains?

Guided tour or find your own way?
find your own way

Where do you hope to visit/vacation someday?
Iceland. And I would love to take a year long tour around the world with my family.

What do you love most about yourself?
My body, physical ability, growing a child & nursing. My body has alway done what I've asked it to do and has always given me confidence.

What do you love most about Russ?
His willingness to try anything. And he excels. 

Read a book or wait for the movie?
read the book

What rejuvenates you?
Time to myself

What's the nicest thing you've done for yourself in the past month?
being proactive at work and asking for a 32 hour work week.

So you got it?
yeah :)

What is the nicest thing someone else has done for you?
My parents watching Orin, so Russ and I could take several vacations...Orin & Rowan this coming Christmas.

Favorite decade?
2000s - I liked being an adult and on my own.

Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
Angelina Jolie - she's a doer

Lindsay and I managed all of this while True drew {my notes are pretty tough to if my handwriting weren't challenging enough to decipher. yes. I still handwrite notes.} He also shopped. He brought me the same Transformers lunch box to look at nineteen times while Lindsay and I visited. I bought it because he was good for the most part, and because he really like lunch boxes.

But, by this time Evley was getting hungry and so was I. Our conversation had become natural and easy. I left hoping that we could do it again sometime. Only next time I won't take notes.

A week later, Lindsay had a fun day in Bayfield. If you can't remember all of the goodies she won, you can check out the Mama's mySTYLE Giveaway details again, here.

Once she was finished with her hair, make-up, and nails we met for lunch at the Tuning Fork. Afterwards, we headed for our shoot location on the Pine River. Esther has wowed me again. This might just be the best shoot we've done all year. I love these photos. Love them. And I love that Lindsay's in them. 
Dear Lindsay, 
Thanks for participating in the giveaway and for being so darn cool! I'm thrilled to have gotten to know you better and hope to get together again {on bikes would be awesome}! I also hope that you enjoyed yourself despite all of our charades {or because of them, either way}!

Well, by golly by gosh, there goes the year! Just like that we did a style post every month for the entire year. Esther and I had fun, and have decided to do it again next year. Yep, we'll do another giveaway too ;)

I've got two other collaborations lined up for the PRETTYblog in 2015, so stay tuned!! We're going to get started on all of it in January. If you don't yet receive new posts in your email, you can sign up for that here so you don't miss anything.

happy Happy HAPPIEST New Year!!! I hope it has wonderful things in store for you and your family! Thank you for reading and being a part of my family this year. See you next year, heheehee =)

X O X O X,

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