Friday, November 21, 2014

Lucchese Boots + MZ Wallace + Mossimo + Splendid + the Tuning Fork Cafe = mySTYLE november

tops: Both Mossimo from Target. Find the sweater here and tank here online, but I bought them in the store.
leggings: Splendid Modal Leggings. They are non-maternity, but I used them while pregnant. They are perfect for both! {I do NOT like panels on my belly during pregnancy, so they were perfect for me.}
boots: Lucchese Mad Dog Goat 5 Toe boots, in burnished tan. Mine are darker from being oiled- they are about 5 years old and I bought them at BootBarn. You can get mine here, a darker pair here, or these lovelies for a tad less.

bag: MZ Wallace Jane bag. Aaah, I have such a thing for bags. Boots & Bags. At any rate, I love MZ Wallace bags. This is my 1st of two. And I'd love to make this Jane my 3rd {Santa, are you reading?}!!! You can get mine here and a baby version here, but I'd encourage you to browse them all. I've been none too careful with this wonder bag for about 5 years now, and it's still goin' strong! Oh, and what diaper bag? Yep, I don't use one. I stash what I need for baby in the rear zipper pocket and have for all of my kiddos...a plus to carrying a larger purse!
necklace: This is a David Aubrey piece that I bought nearly a decade ago when From the Heart was still in business, in Durango. I can't find anything quite like it now, but he makes some gorgeous things. You can browse his necklaces here.
bracelet: A Pretty by JL Stacked Wish Bracelet. I made this with the holidays in mind, and it's been fun & effortless to wear. You can customize your own here.
rings: Find these details in January's mySTYLE post here.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Well HELLO! Yes, I totally yelled that!! How are you?! Are you ready for the fast approaching holiday season?! I am not. But, I like to tell myself that I'm getting there! One thing is for certain, the holidays will come and go, ready or not, and we'll be right back here next year in a blink!

Esther and I thought we'd get coffee for this month's shoot. I do it everyday anyway, although 80% of the time I've got Evley in the Bjorn. So, this view is a little deceptive. So also, is my being the only one in line at the Tuning Fork. Today when I went in for my mocha, it was right smack in the middle of the lunch rush. I stood in line, almost to the door, and when I finished the line was nearly out the door!

So, minus my not wearing Evley in these photos and there not being anyone else in line, the photos speak the truth. Except for maybe the one where I'm standing in the alley with my eyes closed and face into the sun. I don't normally do that...well, not in the alley anyway. In my backyard I definitely do. There isn't much better a thing than soaking up some Colorado sun when there's a hint of chill in the air!! Plus, it makes for a sorta-cheesy-but-super-fun-photo ;)

Back to truth. The smile on Kellie's face as she rings me up is also true, line or not. The Tuning Fork's food cannot be beat is also true. Once upon a time, if I'd had errands to run in Durango, I'd look forward to having lunch out while I was in town. Not so anymore. If I have errands, and want lunch out, I try to make it back to Bayfield for lunch at the Tuning Fork. Truth. You. Can. Not. Pick something off the menu that is not AMAZING. At the Tuning Fork Cafe. If they were to close up shop, I might move.

Hey, hey! Am I killin' ya yet?!!! We DO have a Mama's mySTYLE Giveaway winner. And she's got her jeans, I've made her accessory, she's hoping to shop at the Style Lab tomorrow, and her Bayfield fun day is scheduled...packed full of pampering + her style shoot {and of course, lunch at the Tuning Fork}!

Lindsay Gartner!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I wish with all of my heart that each and every one of you won!!! Please, please, please consider treating yourself!! To make doing so a little easier, any of you who are reading {not just Mamas!} may take advantage of the following discounts:

  • Receive 30% off of all your Pretty by JL accessory purchases now-12/13 with the code mySTYLE at checkout. You can shop now here.
  • Receive 1/2 off of your regularly priced photo session with Esther beginning 1/1-4/30. You've got to mention the PRETTYblog when scheduling! {Regularly priced sessions are $150 and may include the family- not just a style shoot!} Visit her website or on Facebook, or email eleephotography[at]yahoo[dot]com to schedule.
  • Receive $10 off of a cut & style, and $20 off of a cut & color with Cassie at the Wild Horse in Bayfield, now-4/30. Located at 64 W. Mill St., call 970-884-7293 to schedule your appointment. Make sure to mention the PRETTYblog to get your deal!
  • Receive $10 off your purchase of $50 or more at the Style Lab in Bayfield, now-12/13! The trendy boutique is located inside Salon del Sol at 480 Wolverine Dr. #11. Call 970-884-8501 for hours and mention the PRETTYblog during checkout to redeem! Watch for future deals, like the full service salon & day spa and Style Lab on Facebook here!

If you recently signed up to receive PRETTYblog posts by email, and you entered your mailing address, your gift is being mailed tomorrow!! If you haven't signed up yet, you can do that here, and then you won't miss anything + you'll get a little something PRETTY ;)

Meet me here next month to meet Mama Lindsay! I couldn't be even just a little bit more excited about it! Lucky for me, I get to have coffee with her next week!!! In the meantime, have the happiest Thanksgiving ever and should you get the chance, close your eyes and face the sun to soak a little up- no matter where you're at!



  1. The first picture on here is my favorite! Love the shadows, love your posts!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Hodlmair!! I like that one, too. Esther has an awesome eye ;) Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them!