Friday, November 14, 2014

happy birthday, Mister!

When I was getting ready to tuck True in last night, I said, "Hey! I have an idea." He looked up at me with a smile, waiting for something fun. I proceeded with, "How about we stay up aaall night, so that tomorrow never comes and you stay five forever!"

He did not like that. I watched that beautiful smile turn upside down in an instant.

Once he forgave me he said, "Don't worry, Mom, you'll have me for awhile. I won't grow up that fast."

I'm wishing my first, and perpetually thoughtful, baby a WONDERFUL day. And may you have the most fun being six that a kid ever had.

All of my love, Mama

photos by Esther


  1. I can see his frown now...Such a handsome little guy. So thankful I got to share the day with him.

    1. There are few others he'd rather been with. Thanks for making the day so special!