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Dolan blouse + Frye boots + cowboy hats + teal + a hint of mission = mySTYLE october {family photos}

top: My Dolan blouse is from Anthropologie over 2 years ago. It's no longer available, but this dress is amazing. Shop everything by Dolan at Anthropologie here.
jeans: Oh, just another pair of bootcut Miss Me jeans...I think I got them in TX at Woods Boots. I definitely wear this brand of jeans more than anything else right now. Their fit is pretty flattering and I like the bling pockets. However, I do miss the Miss Me jeans without bling and would like to find a simple, blingless, pair.
shoes: Billy Heel Frye boots. I've had these for over 5 years now. I just have new heels put on every couple years, and Landis gives them a good polish then. This style has been unavailable for awhile. But these and these would give a similar look, although mine are tall {not booties}. But, I looove the second bootie option!

GVC: Carhartt shirt & pants, Wrangler hat, Oakley frames and Tony Lama boots.

Kids: All of the kids are wearing gifts from Cassie! She found Elle West's outfit at Target and couldn't resist then, had to buy Evley & True something, too {she said!}. Score for us and how amazing that it all coordinated so well! Thanks millions Cassie!!!

Elle West's blouse and skirt are Genuine by OshKosh. Her boots are Roper. 

Evley's dress and cardigan are Cherokee, and her shoes are Freshly Picked in frosted rose. Her headband is from Target, too!

True has on a shirt by Shawn White from Target, Wrangle Jeans and Ariat boots. His hat is a very loved hand me down...not sure of the brand, but can check if you want to know!

bracelets: Carico Lake turquoise cuff by Jesse Robbins and from Tohatin. Pretty by JL monogrammed geometric adjustable bracelets on me, custom Pretty by JL charm bracelets on Evley & True, and a Pretty by JL friendship bracelet on Elle West. I'm redesigning all of the shop's listings right now, so there isn't much to see today. Check the shop next week for custom and ready-to-wear Pretty by JL pieces. 
belt: J. Crew patent leather skinny belt in wine. I bought that belt about the time I bought those boots. Unavailable, but this is similar. 
nails: DIY with sensatioNAIL gel polish in ocean sparkle & heirloom lilac. I bought mine at Wal-Mart, but you can order here, too.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Oh my. If pictures by Esther weren't on your wish list yet...they are now, right? Every time that I decide I have a favorite photo, one that can't be beat, life continues to happen and Esther gets another amazing picture of it. I know I bragged on Esther in last month's post when you got to meet her. But, come on now, she just doesn't stop!

She took something around 360+ photos; narrowed down my proofs to 160+; I narrowed that down to 50 for the blog files, and ended up sharing the above 16 with you. This. Shoot. Was. Amazing. I'm just going to go ahead and stop with that now. Go check in with Esther to book a shoot for the family, and just keep reading to learn how you might get one for yourself for free.

Alright, so since Evley can hold her head up now it was time for family photos. The result was, well, art. G and I had not really had family photos taken until now. We married ourselves, with True as our witness when he was two, and used a tripod to take our own wedding photos. That was wonderful. But needless to say, I was super excited {and a bit anxious...} about getting real family photos taken. There are so many more fantastic ones. But you get the idea. I wasn't sure that we'd all stay clean, but we did. And I wasn't sure that'd we'd all be happy, but we were. Esther did the rest.

Ever since we started these posts back in January, I have been eyeballing this month's backdrop; wondering if it would make for some interesting & pretty photos. I love, I mean love, old buildings. And I also love the nostalgia of the old west, and the charm of little old towns.

The photos were taken in True's school yard. Yes, you read that correctly. The building behind us in the photos is the original school in Bayfield; built in 1923, and less than a block from our house. It's a two story building and originally used the second floor, with two classrooms, for the high school and the first floor, with two classrooms, for all preceding grades. I'm going to snap a photo of the front this afternoon and post to Instagram {@prettybyjl}.

The original front of the building is no longer used as the front. The original structure was added on to at some point, and there have also been two modulars added to the property to use for classrooms. The gym and cafeteria, plus a couple maintenance buildings and the parking lot {dirt}, are across the street. The whole getup is sort of...multifaceted & rural-small-townesque. But just exactly the sort of thing I love. The school has been recycled and used, over and over again. It'll be a sad day for me when classes finally quit being held there.

Anyway, the old green trim, white washed stucco, and hint of mission in the architecture compliments our style perfectly. When I look at these photos I can't help but to get a how the west was won sort of feeling, if there is such a thing. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate that into our Christmas card this year, because I will definitely be using one of these photos.

I'm doing my best not to go on and on like normal. I did an update post last week, so most of you know what's going on with us. Now{!!!}, I want to tell you what's coming up!

You might have seen the above on the PRETTYblog, IG, or on FB. Well, next time you see it it will be time to enter!! On Monday, I will do a post with complete details and the easy peasy instructions for entering! But, here's the scoop a little in advance...

Esther and I have had an incredible time with this year's mySTYLE shoots & posts, and we want to share the fun! There is, however, one rule. To enter you've gotta be a Mama. But it doesn't matter whether you're pregnant with your first, adoption papers are filed & approved, or you're a great grandma to fifty, you've just got to be a Mom!

The winner will receive:

$50 gift certificate to Style Lab inside Salon del Sol
a pair of Miss Me jeans 
Pretty by JL accessory of choice
haircut & style by Cassie at the Wild Horse Salon
make-up & mani at Salon del Sol
1 hour style shoot by Esther
1 8x10 print of choice
5 edited digital files to use how you wish
Your style & photos featured in December's mySTYLE post on the PRETTYblog!!

I will post all the ins & outs on Monday morning, and you'll have multiple easy ways to enter! Make sure you keep your eye on E. Lee Photography or Salon del Sol on Facebook for the link, or click here to sign up to receive PRETTYblog posts by email! Have a happy and safe Halloween!

X O X O X,

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