Sunday, August 31, 2014

blue & pink + Anthropologie Cardigan + Madewell belt + Miss Me Jeans + Sam Edelman = mySTYLE august {7 wks postpartum}

tops: Sparrow Blushing Bouquet Cardigan from Anthropologie and Splendid racerback tank. 

The cardigan is a favorite piece in my wardrobe. I'm also a little sentimental about it. I bought it in NYC {my first, and only visit so far...} from Anthropologie at Rockefeller Plaza. I went to Manhattan by myself, for four days, when True was fourteen months old; it left an impression. The dressing room in that Anthropologie left an impression. I wanted to move in. See a selfie from then, and in that dressing room, on Instagram here. Find my exact cardigan {size and all!} on Ebay here...'cause it's obviously no longer available in stores ;)

The white top underneath the cardigan is another favorite!! It's a Splendid racerback top in a silky and beautiful rayon. I can't find a comparable top to link to. I picked it up about a year and a half ago in a Splendid shop in Miami. You can't go wrong with a Splendid anything, so shop the brand here
jeans: Miss Me bootcut jeans. Good luck finding this pocket...they've got bazillions to choose from! I likely got this pair from Boot Barn, or somewhere like it, in the past year or two. Shop all Miss Me goodies here
shoes: Aaah, my Sam Edelman Greyson sandals. These have a little bit of a story. You can read more about them here. They don't seem to be currently available, but are all over Ebay. I like to shop Sam Edelman at Nordstrom

necklace: find it and the details in January's post here.
earrings: see them better and get the wildly exciting details in last month's post here.
belt: Madewell Braided Hammock Belt- I also got this in Miami about a year and a half ago, but in a Madewell store. It doesn't currently seem to be available.
bracelets: Pretty by JL Wish Bracelet in turquoise silk & pink natural beauty beads; Pretty by JL Braided Friendship Bracelet in watermelon :: rose :: lavender silks.
anklets: Pretty by JL Wish Anklet in pale blue silk & champagne diva beads; Pretty by JL Monogrammed Geometric Adjustable Anklet/Bracelet in rose silk.
nails: DIY with SensatioNail gel polish. I'm wearing kitten heel, and bought everything at Wal-Mart. But you can order online here.

I had a pedicure at the Spaaah Shop in Durango, and cannot begin to tell you what OPI color this polish is. Like Miss Me jeans, there's a ton of variety! But, it's a greenish, gold, mauvy color and Vanessa {who did them} called my toes, "chameleon." Maybe that's the polish color.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Can it really be the last day of August...which means that we've only got four more months in the year, and only two months until the holidays are totally & completely upon us?! For real? Wow. Just wow. I sort of want to crawl in a cave and hibernate. But, this feeling is normal for me at the first hint of fall in the air.

Regardless of all that, this has been a busy month which I know is true for most. Summer seems so busy for everyone, and in August we are holding on to summer and getting ready for/starting school. I'd like to do another Three Kid Diaries post where I share the details of what we've had going on, there is simply too much to tell you about here.

Despite my lesser than normal enthusiastic tone, I am very happy. My fall funk seems to lessen more and more each year on account of my kids keeping me busy. Plus, I can remember the anticipation of True & Elle West's arrival {they're both November babies}. Annnd, now I have a child in school!! So instead of remembering the dread of starting school myself {I didn't love back-to-school, except for the new school clothes & school supplies part} I can be excited for my kids to go, which gives me a little room to breathe. However, if True was not excited about school it'd probably be different. It would fill me with dread and doom for him. But he's not like me in that regard. He was ready at age 3 to start school and we've been counting down the days. His words since starting kindergarten a week and a half ago, "I love everything about that place."

Onward, to talk about this month's style post! With the nature of the month's events and emotions, I thought it necessary to wear a party dress; to celebrate the conclusion of summer and the success it brought {hey, we're all alive and well to write & talk about it!}. But, the *party dress did not fit. Not by a lot. You may not get to see it here, but you can see it on me in 2010 here.

For the most part, I can wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. So, I thought I could wear the dress. It wasn't until a couple days before the shoot that I decided I'd better try it on, to see if it would zip. G was home, so I asked him to help. It has a side zipper which can be tough if only a tiny bit snug. 

He gave it his best and I held my breath. He made reference to women wearing corsets and I sucked in deeper {maybe exhaling would've helped more}. Finally, and after saying he could "get after it" and break the zipper, he said, "There's just no way, Honey."

It was just as well. I didn't know what I'd wear, but wasn't going to worry about it. I folded laundry and was at peace with having a closet full of clean clothes. I'd just wear something normal; whatever I felt good in. Which is how I've gone about all of the previous month's shoots. I like them to be super natural, and I like to wear clothes that I'd wear on any normal day. 

So, on Tuesday, I got dressed and walked True to school. Then the girls and I headed for Esther's. We'd planned on shooting near the ditch behind her house. When I saw the log, I was gitty. It took all I had not to do a playful Dirty Dancing pose. You know the one, the log scene, the twirling foot. How funny and interesting that I'm wearing a white top so similar to her's in the scene! Ha! I could watch that over and over. I start smiling and singing along every time. I hope you'll take a couple minutes and enjoy it too :)

Alright, so anyway, I reigned it all in and was on my best behavior. Esther's little boy Brody, age 3, was with us. I didn't want to give him any bad ideas. He was already pretty concerned about my walking on the log. The ditch is, I don't know, about 20-25' wide and chest deep. I'm not even sure that I could stand if I fell in...even at chest deep, the current is probably stronger than it looks. As amusing as photos of me falling in the ditch might have been, the ditch is a dangerous and serious thing. I left Elle West buckled in her seat while we took pictures. There's just no way that I could have relaxed at. all. with her anywhere near the ditch. Brody is used to the rules of the ditch.

So, no party dress and no dirty dancing on the log. With the exception maybe of photo #8. That one looks a little dirty dancing-esque, but nothing like anything in the scene. However, I love the photos and I love what I'm wearing. There's nothing better than being comfortable and feeling good. As always, Esther captures the best of both. Oh and the ant. And the mud smudges from puppy Dino on my toes.

I hope you've had a great month and have felt PRETTY a good deal of the time- ants, mud, spit-up, poop, rain, clothes that don't fit & all ;)

All my love,

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