Thursday, July 31, 2014

Elle Macpherson Intimates + VS pajamas + AIMbaby + monogrammed anklets + peacock feathers = mySTYLE july {2 wks postpartum}

top: Victoria's Secret racerback tank in dark charcoal - not currently available, but this looks similar.
shorts: Victoria's Secret mayfair eyelet-trim short in black/white paisley - find this season's prints here.
bra: Elle Macpherson Intimates beach babe wire-free nursing bra in insignia blue - buy it here. I'm loving this Belabumbum for sleep.
manicure: shellac polish, featuring a peacock feather - do it yourself here, done for me by a special friend ;)

Evley Love: Her white ruffle blouse was a gift from Great Grandma Rita, and was likely from a department store. Her lovely peacock feather leggings are AIMbaby and can be found here. Shop all the cute prints & cuts in their Etsy shop here. AIMbaby leggings are handmade in Colorado, by a Mama I know, and the quality is impeccable. 

Customize Evley's anklet by clicking here {and see more details below}. I made these matching anklets a week before I had her, and we both wore them home as bracelets from the hospital. 

Her peacock feather swaddle blanket is by aden + anais, and you can find it here. I absolutely love these blankets.

necklace: find the details in last month's post here.
earrings: cheapy gold hoops from Claire's.
anklet: Mine & Evley's - matching, Pretty by JL Monogrammed Geometric Adjustable Anklet/Bracelets, in rose silk - see this season's silk colors in this post.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

Is this really the last day of July??! Do I really have Evley Love with me, to hold, in the flesh??! Was she really three weeks old yesterday???????! 

This month has been a bit of a blur to say the least, and time is absolutely flying by. Evley is an absolutely amazing baby. She is doing so well, and is growing so fast. The photos in this post were taken a measly nine days ago and she seems to have changed so much in that time. Am I overusing the word so? Well, that's my postpartum brain for you. Anyway, Evley's hair is still gorgeous and dark, her eyes are still ocean blue, but she might be an inch longer, and she has shed all that peeling skin from birth. She's beautiful and incredibly sweet.

On the note of postpartum, I usually get dressed and am somewhat presentable by 10 a.m. But, I've had a few pajama days. And I've maybe worn mascara once since Evley was born. I'm not getting out tons, unless it's on small Bayfield walks. But, visitors are now welcome...if you want to come by and bring me coffee I will likely love you for life {although I likely do already} >>---> dark chocolate iced mocha, pretty please, from the Tuning Fork!

I can wiggle into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but it definitely looks like I'm Rockin' the Beer Gut, which is fine by me...I'm going to enjoy being a little more curvaceous while it lasts! Seriously, I love thin, I love curvy; I think women's bodies are beautiful no matter their size. And, as much as I'm at peace with my smaller, God given bra size, I sure do enjoy having a little more boob to look at while breastfeeding. I hope you don't mind the peek, either. I've always wanted some PRETTY breastfeeding pictures, and I had to share now that I do!

A huge thank you to Esther for again reminding me of my pretty at a time when it's so easy to forget. She has taken so many pictures this year that I will treasure for life. See all of this year's mySTYLE posts to date by clicking here. For the details of Evley's first two weeks at home, click here. And stay tuned for her birth would be a fantastic time to subscribe to the PRETTYblog if you aren't a subscriber already! You can do that by clicking here {be sure to enter your mailing address so that I can send you your gift!}

I hope you are doing well and are enjoying the holy heck out of your summer!!!


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