Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Splendid tank + Carhartt jacket + DL1961 maternity jeans + TOMS Playa sandals + black & white = mySTYLE april {28 wks pregnant}

jacket: Carhartt Tomboy denim jacket - non-maternity {no, I cannot currently button it...thank heavens it's spring.} I bought it last summer at a C-A-L Ranch store in Utah, and am wearing it these days over everything.
top: Splendid 2x1 Racer Back Tank Top - this top is not maternity, but I did buy it for maternity purposes. It's listed in the maternity section at ShopBop. Based on the reviews, I went ahead and ordered a small because I hoped to be able to wear it after baby, too. And I LOVE it, and will totally be able to wear it afterwards! You can see how long it is in the first photo. Since it covers my bootie, I will be wearing it with leggings lots after baby comes {and have been already}. I bought this in white too, and may order another one in black!
jeans: DL1961 Maternity Jeans - I finally splurged and bought a couple pairs of designer maternity jeans. I'm simply over the ones I bought when I was pregnant with True {...feel like they give me a "mom" butt, even though they were nice at the time} and I absolutely can't squeeze into non-maternity jeans now. I was hugely conflicted about splurging in such a way when a) I've only got 3 months left and b) This is very probably my last pregnancy. But, as usual, feeling good is just too important to me. These jeans are amazing. They look and feel like normal, non-maternity jeans, and I wear them 3-4 days in a row sometimes.  They were well worth every penny and G likes them, too ;) 
shoes: TOMS Black Woven Playa Sandals - I mentioned these in February's post and could not be happier with them. You'll see them on me again - I'm wearing them darn near daily. TOMS has got a fantastic variety of sandals right now, but read the reviews because people with narrow feet may not love the Playas as much as I do. However, this style might work. Shop all of their sandals here!

locket: antique crystal memory/hair locket. Mine was a gift from my Mom, who is in the business of antiques. It is likely from the turn of the century and I can't find a fantastic comparison to show you. But, there are lots of variations {new and old} on ebay. I like this one though, that is new, and it has a nice price compared to antiques similar to it! Inside mine are the first hairs I trimmed from around True's ears, tied together with thread...I could cry now, if I give myself the moment to do so. Anyway, I love this locket.
earrings: sterling silver hummingbirds from Toh-Atin in Durango {vintage, but not sure of the year}. 
nails: OPI gel manicure by Natacia, Body Brake Salon. Details in January's post.
bracelet: Pretty by JL, Black & White Marled Bracelet, in silk and sterling silver. I have been wearing this with absolutely everything. It seems to bring every outfit together that I wear my sandals with...get one for yourself here
rings: find details in January's style post here.
anklets: find details & better pics of them in last month's style post here {you can see their beads peeking out from under my jean cuff this month}.

All photos are by & property of E. Lee Photography :: Visit her Website and on Facebook to see more of Esther's work & to schedule your own shoot. 
{click on each image in this post for a better view}

I'm celebrating the last day of April with this month's style post! How was your month?? Mine was fantastic. A certain amount of credit must be given to that I received my new maternity jeans, and that I have been wearing my sandals non-stop since mid month. I actually even wear them when it's kind of cold. Because, I'm ready to wear sandals and my hot pink pedi polish makes me very happy.

Baby Evley is growing and moving like a champ. Only two more style posts to go until we get to see her sweet face. I'm nesting away in anticipation of her arrival. I haven't been super great about documenting before and afters of projects around the house...but, I do plan to show you {at the very least} some "finished" photos of some of the things we've been working on; including the little addition that will be Evley's room.

As always, a ginormous thank you to Esther for taking my picture this month! She suggested using that old rock wall, located in downtown Bayfield, as the backdrop for our photos and I love it. The fresh green grass contrasts with the wall in such a lovely way - it subtly whispers spring yet screams it all at once. That's how Colorado rolls I suppose. As for me, black & white is definitely a norm right now. It's nothing overthought or planned. I guess just most things I'm drawn to lately come in only black and/or white. I'd be over the moon excited if those Splendid tanks came in a variety of colors. But, I love them so much that I'd wear black and white everyday if I had seven of them! Then there's the shoes. Then there's the bracelet. Black and white is kind of awesome. But, then there's the nails. I love color.

On a slightly different note, I've been very inspired write. It just doesn't usually get much further than my mind. However, the inspiration is welcome and encouraging. I've got a series in mind relating to PBfNM's motto, Love yourself, Celebrate your body, and Nourish your baby, and how it applies to the nitty gritty of motherhood. I'm also chomping at the bit to pick up A True Story again. Except for that the only thing that I'm really food {seriously. I can eat two dinners sometimes, and have traded my afternoon coffee for Gatorade. babies do weird things to us!}. Then I take a nap. Sooo, first things first. Like growing Evley Love and nesting about the house. But, good things are coming to the PRETTYblog - both new and old. Style is the extent of my blogging commitment capabilities right now though. Which is just fine because I love these posts, and style plays into the big picture anyway ;)

See you again in May!


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