Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Day coupon code + holiday overstock SALE!

Enter the code LOVE25 at checkout to receive 25% OFF all orders over $50 in the Pretty by JL Etsy Shop!
{now through Friday, 2/21}

Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope you've gotten to spend it with people you love! I'm fortunate enough to do that everyday and today was no exception. We don't do a ton in the way of celebrating this holiday…hence the coupon code through next week instead of trying to push gifts for today! This way, if you'd like a little treat for yourself just because, you can have a deal while you're at it :)

Good news, I also finally got around to listing the holiday Wish Bracelet overstock and marking it down! Have a look, shop & receive 50% OFF here
{not yet familiar with our Wish Bracelets? learn more about them here}

Love, JL

ps- your coupon code for 25% off goes toward sale items, too!

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