Wednesday, December 4, 2013

lots of thanks + lots of naps :: Lillies and Leon giveaway

Well hello!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I fairly well fell off the map after True and Elle West's birthday week…

What have I been doing you might wonder {???} Well, I'm gonna tell you whether you've been wondering or not! I've been giving lots of thanks and taking lots of naps.

G and I found out on Halloween that we've got a third baby on the way! I'm between 9 & 10 weeks now and, when I'm awake, I've been sharing the news. I figured that I may as well share it with you now, too, because I will likely want to share any news that follows with you as well. Even in the unfortunate event I had sad news…though I don't like putting that out there in my hormonal baby growing state!

I've had two pregnancies and two babies. For that, Gabe and I couldn't be more thankful. Now that a third is on the way, it takes thankful to another level! We are all excited, but even in this early stage of pregnancy I feel confident saying that three kids is probably our comfortable stopping point. While I'm sure that somedays it will be quite uncomfortable having three kids, we are up for the challenge.

I'm an only child and asked for a brother or sister for Christmas until I was sixteen. Having a family of five is a dream come true for me. Although living with anyone but myself poses challenges for my only child ways, it also feels me to the top with joy. There is something about thinking about all of this, and I suppose of also finding out we are expecting, that is making this time of year extra magical for me this year. As well as extra tired!

Country Christmas tunes are playing in the background, the fire is crackling, and our tree is up {though nontraditional…more on that later}! Snow is on the ground, HOLIDAY wish bracelets have hit local retailers, and Pretty by JL deals are on the way. Stay tuned for a couple promo codes in the coming days & weeks, and for the holiday shipping schedule! Pretty by JL accessories make perfect stocking stuffers. Pick your favorites now ;)

But before you buy anything, enter this amazing giveaway being hosted by Lillies and Leon. You have the chance to win a custom charm wrap and three other amazing goodies for yourself/your little one! Find product details and instructions for entering here! Good luck!

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