Friday, December 6, 2013

coffee shop :: True Quote #2

So, like I mentioned before, I've been jotting down my favorite True quotes in a little note book. The kiddo is barely five, and like all kids, says the darndest and sometimes most unexpected things. I had thought that I might share a quote with you weekly, but that was before I became pregnant. Now that I'm pregnant, a weekly blog post may be all I get done period! So…I likely won't get a True quote up each week.

Anyway, there have been a few good ones recently. But, this is my hands down favorite for the week and it sets up like this:

The kids & I, my mother-in-law, Patty, and my niece, Madisyn, had a fun day on Tuesday. We all road into Durango together to run a few errands, one of which was to pick out a Christmas tree that the kids would later get to decorate at Grandma Hun's house {Patty's}.

My kids and I were loaded up and headed to pick-up Grandma Hun & Madisyn before 8 am {not bad for us}. The five of us had successfully finished our Durango errands before noon, and decided on having lunch in Bayfield. We chose the local coffee shop, the Tuning Fork, because it's delicious and rivaled anything Durango had to offer.

Once in the restaurant, we chose to split up. The three kids sat at their own four-top {begin kid table!}, and Grandma Hun and I sat across from them at a little two-top. I'm a big fan of eating away from my children. Don't get me wrong…I sit with them at every meal at home {and at the same table!}, but I don't let them in my lap very often. I also like ample space where little fingers can't reach my plate.

Our delicious food had been delivered and after about five minutes I started the exchange that went like this…

Me -- "I see a whole lotta food over there, and nothin' but juice drinking."

2 or so second pause…Madisyn set her juice box down and picked up her sandwich, Elle West continued to stand in her chair with her juice in hand, and…

True -- "I see a whole lotta food over there, and nothin' but coffee drinking."

end discussion. and "heeeeheehee, Good One!" Gabe would have loved to say! 

Seriously? He's FIVE!

slightly humbled, JL

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