Monday, November 4, 2013

woodpecker :: True Quote #1

Hey there! So, last week I decided to start keeping a "True Quote" log. We all know that kids say the darndest things, and my little True Bug is certainly no exception. However, why on earth it has taken me five whole years to decide to write them down is beside me. Well, okay, I do know why…it's because when he says things that are worth retelling, I'm always convinced there is no way that I will ever forget them. Now that, is not true. I have fantastic intentions, but I often times can't even remember it the very next day. It makes me so incredibly sad that a whole lot of awesomeness from his childhood, a mere couple years back, is hazy to me or forgotten entirely. This business of being a mom is busy and we need to cut our brains some slack. There is a continual flow of information…how could we possibly remember it all. Besides, there is plenty that we don't want to remember, right? My poor brain just has a tough time sorting it all out just right, but...

...I say, No more! I'm writing my favorite True quotes down, and would kinda like to share my favorite with you weekly. This kid is a quick & witty thinker + a charmer to boot. I'm excited to see what the quote collection is going to look like a year from now…we quite possibly could have a book on our hands!

My favorite from last week is one that G texted me. I told him to share his favorites with me, too, so that I could make sure they made it into the log.

Here's a little preface:

True and Gabe went camping/hunting. They are on the trail, dressed in head-to-toe orange, waiting for elk. True found a tree to climb, and is going up and down.

Gabe -- "You're kinda being noisy."

True -- "So is that woodpecker over there."

End of discussion.

Think they'll bring home an elk?

hope you had a great weekend! {xoxo}, JL

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