Thursday, November 14, 2013

True Bug is FIVE!!!

Oohhh, what to say about True…he is amazing. Crazy smart, handsome, observant, thoughtful and maddening. He is agile and coordinated; in tune and perceptive. He seldom skips a beat; knows me through and through and often gets his way because of it. He is one of the all time joys of my life, and I do also blame him for the gray sprouting from my head. The idea of what his stamina might be like when he is a teen is frightening, when also considering it's level this past year at age four. His energy exhausts me and motivates me; he has taught me how to be a mom. True, my first child, is five today. How did this happen?

He popped out of bed this morning before 6:30, ran to my room and inquired in his loudest talking voice, "Who is five today!?"

Normally, I'm not okay with loudness first thing in the morning and want some snuggle time in bed. But today, I jolted to a sitting position and matched his tone with, "True Bug!" I pulled him up for some squeezes.

He knows that we do breakfast before anything else and was expecting he'd have to finish before he could open the gift he'd so patiently been waiting for. I asked him what he wanted to eat, stand-up pancakes or cereal, and he picked cereal. I thought that it might be because: preparation + eating = lots of time to wait before opening his present. So, since I wanted him to eat what he really wanted on his birthday I said, "It's okay, you can open your present now." Then I gave him the choice again. He still chose cereal. What was I thinking? He says it like it is the first time.

6:30 a.m.

It's a vintage toy pistol that he picked, himself, from Etsy. About six weeks ago I asked him to browse toy guns and show me his favorites…turning five is a big deal. He's always liked toy guns, but has had trouble playing with them in a way that I have found appropriate in the past. He got into big trouble when he was early into four and, as a result, had the privilege of playing with toy guns taken away until he was five.

"Maybe when you're five you will be responsible enough to play with toy guns," I had said. 

Being that he is True, and even though I don't have much trouble waiting until gift day to reveal gifts, he somehow got me to not only tell him what his present was nearly thirty days early…but, to also open, touch, and hold it. 

The somehow goes like this:

I pick up mail from post office. True notices package. He inquires about the specifics of the package the  entire ten blocks until we get home. I try to him haw around the subject. True will not let the matter go. I finally say the package might be his birthday present. He would like to see what it is. I tell him that even if he gets to see what it is he may not have it until his birthday, so what's the point. He expresses intense interest in knowing ahead of time. I consider that he may truly rest easier knowing the package's contents {there is a certain other male in this house who really likes to know things…so I have some compassion}. I agree to let him open the package making it clear that afterwards we will immediately re-box and, then, wrap it. He gleefully finds the toy pistol he'd picked out weeks earlier. He watches me wrap it in the Mater wrapping of his choice. He insists on placing it on the high shelf in our kitchen. He asks about the toy rifle he also favorited. I told him I didn't know; that I only picked one {santa has it}.

True has looked up at his present on that shelf for a month with painful anticipation. We have counted down every day since to his birthday. He has moaned with agony and made statements regarding his wish that his birthday would be "today" or that he could just have his toy pistol "now". But, not once did he ask for it early, or even to touch it. We had a deal, and as painful as it was to wait, it was a joy to him everyday to know that what he really wanted would be his. Plus, he got the thrill of opening it twice.

He sat in the recliner this morning, after finishing breakfast and getting dressed, chewing gum {another special-five-year-old-thing for him}. He thumbed through new super hero books while the toy pistol sat in his lap. He was on. top. of. the. world. Seriously, he couldn't have been bigger stuff. This is what the saying…

The rest is just icing on the cake.

…was made for. 


*I have zero interest in talking politics or about the appropriateness of my child playing with toy weapons. This post is about an awesome child and birthday. I'm sure you can tell where my family stands on the matter. As well, if you know me at also know that I will expect and see that my child plays responsibly. If you don't like this post's content, please close the window and keep it to yourself. Thank you!

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