Tuesday, November 12, 2013

happy birthday baby :: Elle West turns 2

In the past year my baby has somehow transformed into a little girl. She is fierce yet sweet; generous; extremely confident and able; determined and thoughtful. She is patient. She is an incredible woman in the making and she's only two…already two.

In the first year of her life she was extremely quiet, needing next to nothing extra. She was content…and watched what went on around her. I wondered how her personality would develop. Would she continue to be quiet and independent? Would she stand in the shadow of True? Or, might she give us back all she's taken in in observation? Would she give him a run for his money; fight for the spotlight?

My baby Elle West came alive in her second year of life in ways I never imagined. She is still independent, a friendly person who can hold her own. Being quiet and soft comes naturally and easy to her, but she can hang with the rowdy, and roar, stomp, and run with the best of 'em. She stands in no one's shadow, she casts her own. Her big brother is a tough act to follow, but she's every bit his equal in depth and intensity. She loves him and admires him. She looks to him for help and guidance. She pesters him for the sheer joy of it. She has no need to compete for attention, it is delivered generously whether her behavior be modest or bold. 

Happy Birthday Elle West. You bring immeasurable joy to your Dad and I's lives, and though I can't imagine that you have a bigger fan than myself…True might be my equal. We love you baby.

Love, Mom

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