Friday, November 15, 2013

Filbert Fashions :: wool macbook air sleeve

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You are looking at my beautiful new, black and white, tribal print, and wool 13" macbook air sleeve from Filbert Fashions on Etsy. I walked to the post office everyday, the week before last, awaiting its arrival. Once it got here, I couldn't have been more pleased. I absolutely love it, and finally feel like I'm giving my wonderful new computer the care it deserves!

This purchase may wrap up the little bit of the fall fashion bug I've been having lately {for myself anyway}, and what a perfect way to end. Now that I've got my new computer, it easily moves around the house…the one I had before didn't have a battery anymore, so it sat stationary on my desk. This lightweight and slick macbook air usually props up on my bookshelf {just like a book!} when not in use. One day, not so long ago, I opened its beloved lid to find a large particle of dust/lint on the keyboard. I was horrified. I knew I needed a sleeve for it and quick!

The new computer was a gift from my awesome husband this past August. It makes my life easier, more enjoyable, and I utterly adore it. So, I'm obviously inclined to dress it accordingly ;) The sleeve is made from Pendleton wool, and I was able to choose between a button or velcro closure. I chose velcro because I thought it would be easiest and look the best. Inside the sleeve is lined with a super soft black fleece…I kinda want to wear the thing myself. However, this is as close as I'm probably going to get >>--->

<---<< which is okay. I'm content with that. {and yep, the computer is in there!}

Anyway, Filbert Fashions on Etsy is a gem of a shop if you are interested in wool, Native American inspired fabric prints, and accessories + device sleeves. I recommend you browse their shop HERE, and do a little Christmas shopping for yourself while you're at it!!

This week has been birthday overload for me and is still going! Elle West turned two on Tuesday, and True turned five yesterday. Their birthday party is on Sunday. I'm sneaking this little post in to make sure that I get a few minutes of me time this week! We will be traveling over the weekend, so I will be back in touch later next week…and hopefully with a HOLIDAY wish bracelets launch!!!


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