Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wish Bracelet success! >>---> testimonials

I purchased three wish bracelets from Jenny in the late summer of 2013. I knew exactly what I was going to wish for before purchasing them! My wish was so big that I thought "hey I'm going to wish for the same thing three times!" That way if the first one didn't come true fast enough I would have two more for back up! Ha and to my surprise my wish came true!! On October 3rd the Lord blessed us with a sweet little baby :) Come June 2014 we will get to meet our son! Thanks to my Lord & Savior and my fabulous wish bracelets I had the greatest wish come true!!!
-Natacia N.

Do you see these knots that the two bracelets have made together and those beads are holding strong!!! These wishes obviously are very complicated and need a great deal of time!!!! Love them!!!
-Shelly E.
{see the pic she sent on Instagram here}

Wishes are coming true with Pretty by JL Wish Bracelets and people are sharing their stories! If you'd like to share your story, email me at with your testimonial. I will publish it to this page...your story just might inspire & help others to live their wishes and love their life in style with Pretty by JL!

Live your wishes and love your life in style with Pretty by JL!

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Pretty by JL Wish Bracelets are handcrafted with love in Colorado ::USA:: 

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