Tuesday, October 29, 2013

versatile accessory for fall :: Pretty by JL wrap

The above wrap was recently featured on &Chloe as one of Chloe's gray picks for fall. When she contacted me a few weeks before the post, to actually place her order and to tell me that it was going with her monochromatic theme of <gray> for fall, I suggested that I special order the dark gray silk {what you see above} especially for her wrap. 

I normally keep a <light gray> silk on hand, which is obviously the direction she was headed since that is what was available. But being the avid &Chloe reader that I am, I had seen some of her posts relating to fall fashion {specifically: this, this, & this actually came later but reinforced the perfectness of the dark gray silk} and thought that she might prefer the pretty slate gray color over the in stock light gray. 

Chloe ultimately chose to go with dark gray silk which resulted in the Pretty by JL wrap that you see above. You can see her post which features it, and her other <gray> picks for fall, here

Since Chloe liked the dark gray, and was featuring it on her blog, I figured other people would like it too...and that I'd go ahead and order a little extra to give &Chloe readers a chance to snag up a Pretty by JL wrap for fall, just like hers.

Well, after seeing how beautifully it turned out {+ how great it looked on her!} I decided that I had to have my own!

Here's mine >>----->

I used five hand-stamped charms + the sterling silver notions from an old stacked braid that was ready for a refurbish. That way the only new material I needed to use was the dark gray silk {we can do this for you, too, if you have a Pretty by JL accessory that you'd like refurbished}.

I LOVE my wrap. Not to toot my own horn or anything...really it's more about Chloe's fashion sense, it really is perfect for fall. Here are the different ways I've worn it already >>--->

charm bracelet :: see my entire outfit here

boot wrap :: see the whole look here

necklace :: outfit {+ sweatshirt obsession} here

I am so excited about the way my Ray Bennett pendant wears on the wrap. It came with a large sterling silver beaded necklace originally; that is practically impossible to get clean. So, my neck and shirt often become dingy {or gray} where the necklace rubs. As a result, I haven't worn the necklace/pendant for awhile...it is SO nice to have this new + clean + gorgeous option for my pendant!! Here are a couple more necklace views because I love it >>--->

Basically, I want to publicly thank Chloe for the great fall pick, and let YOU know that I've got enough of this PRETTY dark gray silk for just a couple more wraps. Hop on over to Chloe's post to learn how to order a wrap like this for yourself. 


<-----<< dark gray wraps available until 11/8 or while supplies last 

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