Monday, October 14, 2013

TOMS :: Black Jacquard Desert Wedge

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Today I'd planned to share with you some pictures from over the weekend, a country-fall-wedding-outfit-gone-right. new shoes came! I'm too excited about these pretty new shoes {or perhaps handsome is a better description}. So, I decided that I had to show them to you NOW!

You are looking at TOMS new Black Jacquard Desert Wedge, and I >>---> l o v e them. I thought it might be too soon to say. But, it's not. Some things are just right.

Being as today is Monday, and since I'm suffering from a bit of fall funk {like mentioned here} I didn't have much get-up-and-go. Getting up and dressed was about the extent of it today. Oh, and just being a mom; a stay at home one that tends to one need after another of others just about all day, everyday...that was it for my get-up-and-go {today}.

Then my shoes came...and I got up on the table to show you >>--->

<---<< Then I went and stood in the street >>--->

{my neighbors would completely understand}

{...although most were at work, so I was free to stand in the street all I wanted incase they wouldn't understand.}

{I totally dressed today hoping they'd come, my shoes not my neighbors. and they did.}

It seems I had a little more get-up-and-go than I thought. But, AMAZING new shoes have a way of helping with that! Just think what's possible tomorrow...when I will have them for the entire day!!

In all seriousness though, I'm a big fan. These gorgeous wedges will afford me a nice alternative to boots, my norm for fall/winter. I love their heel. I love their tribal inspired print. I love that they're a bootie {been wantin' some for years!}. I love that they're TOMS! I love love love that I ordered a size 8 because they are so last two pairs of TOMS were 7.5 and were too snug {but, I tend to tough that sort of thing out}. I could probably live in these loves >>--->

Overly productive and every bit as amazing as always {xoxo}, JL

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