Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Old Navy + sweatshirts = a slight obsession

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I've mentioned recently how dressing for fall can be somewhat of a challenge for me, with my denial regarding summer's departure and all, and I've also mentioned that I tend to fall into an old sweatshirt + jeans rut. Well, I've found the perfect solution...Old Navy sweatshirts. They are soft, light-weight, flattering {not like a bulky team sweatshirt}, inexpensive, and quite importantly >>---> PRETTY!

I looked them up a couple weeks ago desperate for a fall-funk-wardrobe-solution, and after remembering my friend, Emily, in a pretty pale pink one a little while ago. I wasn't sure that they'd still have them available. But, not only did they...they were on sale for $8!! I went berserk and bought four. Okay, I bought two, and two slightly more expensive ones...but not by too much.

Then, once they arrived, I wore one practically every day and started over again. I have that one in Tropical Breeze on again today, and am considering doing laundry {my normal laundry day is Sunday} early so that I can wear the others the rest of the week. 

Since I knew that I'd want to share these joys with you, I took pictures >>--->

Day 1 // Old Navy Women's Crew-Neck Sweatshirt in Tropical Breeze // old Miss Me Jeans // old Sorel Caribous {note: Sorel makes some insanely amazing boots for women now. have a looksie here.} // necklace from Canyon De Chelly {Native made} // Pretty by JL bracelets 1 + 2 ...and yes, I really do wear Sorels when the sun is shining and there isn't a snow cloud in's my AZ blood in SW Colorado fall/winters! >>--->

Day 2 // Old Navy Women's Crew-Neck Sweatshirt in Coral Integrity // slightly less old Miss Me Jeans // decade old Diesel belt // Minnetonka Feather Mocs // Pretty by JL bracelets 1 + 2 ...and no, my little old house isn't really for sale. >>--->

Day 3 // Old Navy Women's Terry Fleece Crew Neck Tunic // old Husdson skinnies // my new TOMS // Ray Bennett, Carico Lake Turquoise pendant on a Pretty by JL Wrap ...perhaps the most fashion forward sweatshirt outfit yet and a fuzz less country girl {maybe that's also why it is G's least favorite. I love it though!}. >>--->

Day 4 // Old Navy Women's Embellished Raglan Sweatshirt // some more oldish Miss Me Jeans // old J. Crew belt // old Coach sunglasses // Pretty by JL "Chloe" Wrap + my new TOMS ...if you follow along on Instagram you may recognize this sweatshirt from a favorite pic that didn't make the PRETTYblog cut post I made recently. I love the super-hero-esqueness about that first photo...that bling/mirror/shine/sun reflection is REAL!! Just too cool!

Anyway, by now you surely get that I'm a big fan of these sweatshirts. They are perfect for me because they are easy, and snuggy, and make me still feel human. There's somethin' about the frayed Carhartt sweatshirts I own {and the team ones that I don't} that induce depression...or that stay-at-home-mom-stuck-at-home-mom-funk that I am NOT a fan of!

So now the big question is this: Do I do laundry early <<OR>> buy three more so that I have one for each day of the week? Guess what, this style is now on sale for $6.97 + another 20% off {...ends today}! You can shop all the reasonably priced Old Navy sweatshirts here

Would I be like Al from Home Improvement, in his always plaid & flannel shirts, if I'm always wearing an Old Navy sweatshirt? Hm. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

I do love them though {xoxo}, JL

*post not sponsored. just my personal opinion & wardrobe.


  1. I love the pretty sweatshirts! Way to make them perfect for fall! I just have to say 4th outfit with skinny jeans/booties....lookin good!!! ;)

  2. Haha!! Thanks Shell ;) Glad you like it, because G does NOT! And...I totally bought 3 more, shall we start callin' this thing "PRETTY by crazy-sweatshirt-lady" or what?!