Monday, October 21, 2013

Note from the Universe :: 4

You may or may not know that I love my notes from the Universe so much that I have a category for them here on the PRETTYblog. It's because of notes like this...

Jenny, if you go first and reach for the fruit; I'll shake the tree.

Do a little dance; I'll add some music.

Move in the direction of your dreams, even though at first nothing seems to happen; I'll align the stars, butter your bread, connect the dots, trim the hedge, move some mountains, float the boat, and see you at the ball.

Metaphorically. Except for seeing you at the ball.

If you go first, 
The Universe

Aaahh, see what I mean? I check my email to find goodness like this and I just sort of begin floating; knowing that everything is right and just as it should long as I keep truckin'! If I could meet the writer and creator, Mike Dooley, of these wonderful little notes I'd give him a giant hug. You can find him on facebook, and subscribe to receive your own daily notes via email.

Let's do a little dance ;) JL

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