Saturday, October 26, 2013

make a wish saturday :: seeking rightful owner

I made this pretty little Natural Beauty Wish Bracelet for a very specific pretty little girl. Only...she's a very specific little girl of whom I also don't know.  

I started it last week while I was working on an order for one of my retailers. I don't normally make child wish bracelets, and usually what I do make are of a one-size-fits-most variety {approx. 10" in length}.

This one, ever so prettily and seemingly purposefully, finished up measuring only 8" in length. Hmm, I thought. I had used the same size piece of silk as usual, or darn close. But there was no way I was going to get any more length out of it.

What struck me as even more interesting was that the mini bracelet turned out proportional to that of its longer counterparts {I intentionally make the left side of wish bracelets shorter than the right side}. How did I manage that? I wondered as I began tying the last bead into place. It's as if the magical little beauty made itself; I was simply the channel through which its inevitable existence became tangible. 

Sound a little hokey? Well, I couldn't come up with any other reason for how this happened. Of all the wish bracelets I've made, of all the mistakes, I've never created a perfect mini version...and how interesting that this happened on accident. 

I set the finished bracelet aside and completed the order I was working on. Once I was done, I picked up the little Natural Beauty and held it, momentarily contemplating it's disassembly. Then it struck belongs to someone already; a little someone; a little someone with an important wish.

I tagged it and set it back on my desk, where it's sat for nearly two weeks.

The bracelet will fit a child who's wrist measures between 4-5"...likely someone between the ages of 3 & 5. I don't offer these in my Etsy shop for sale for children because the potential choking hazard frightens me in children under the age of three. After all, the 10-12mm round beads are meant to fall off the dangling ends. You can read the Pretty by JL Wish Bracelet instructions for use here.

The mini Natural Beauty is strung on taupe silk, and has three amber beads and two pink ones. I will send this bracelet to its rightful owner for free. If you believe you know who it belongs to, simply stake its claim in the comments below. I will email you for appropriate shipping information.

Mystified {xoxo}, JL

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