Thursday, October 31, 2013

homemade mocha recipe :: liberation in a cup

*I am not a trained barista OR coffee person! Please excuse my mistakes in terminology and please correct me in the comments!

Happiest Halloween to you! I don't know about you, but I'm going to stay off of Instagram for the rest of today for fear of seeing another child in their Halloween costume. Nothing against any of them...they have all been adorable. But, I've gotten my fill and we haven't even gone trick-or-treating yet {I'd better pace myself}!

The same goes for blogs today. If I see another pumpkin cookie I will scream...although that might be appropriate given the holiday. Those cute cookie makers are more clever than they think! Either we love their cookies, or we are frightened by them...Halloween perfection! 

Seriously though, I totally appreciate those who make holidays special for their kids, and I get that some people really, really, really enjoy all of it. I however, just squeak by. I excel in certain areas of my life and not in others. Holiday festivities/decorating/crafting/cooking is one of those areas where I'm pretty darn average or < than. However, I did recently perfect my at-home-mocha!! I want to share the details with you, and maybe you'll be able to make yourself a treat; one that will help you get through trick-or-treating hour itself via a hot caffeine boost!

Now, first things first, you've got to have an espresso maker for this. Sorry. I've tried every cheater way to break my coffee shop mocha addiction, and absolutely nothing worked until I broke down and bought an espresso machine. I'm using this one from Target.

Once you've got the machine thing figured out, here's the cast of ingredients {they couldn't be more simple} >>--->

Oh, see that ugly cord in the background...the one above the chocolate milk? Well...

...I'm not a total Scrooge!

Anyway, here's what you'll need >>----->
  • a large mug {12 oz. +}
  • frothing pitcher
  • 2 espresso shot glasses {mine look like mini pitchers}
  • 2 TB ground espresso roast coffee {it has to be espresso roast}
  • 1/2 C chocolate milk
  • whipped cream {optional}
  • yield approx. 10-12 oz.

Follow your machine's directions for preparing "two coffees". My machine came with two filter options: a single and double shot basket. I use the double shot basket {filter}, which takes two level scoops of ground coffee {my machine came with the scoop, too}.

Prepare your espresso >>----->

That. There. That's the good stuff.

Once your espresso has been prepared, pour it into your mug and set aside.

Measure out your 1/2 C of chocolate milk.

Then, pour half of your milk into your frothing pitcher...unless you have a larger pitcher {mine is probably a 12 oz., or close to it}. You want to have plenty of room in your pitcher for your milk to "froth". It will double to triple in volume, so I steam my milk in two batches.

Make sure your machine's dial is set to the "steam" position! Otherwise, you will just fill your milk with hot water...been there, done that!

Follow your machine's instructions for steaming milk. Notice that the milk is way down there...

Well, it's not anymore! I stop just short of steaming over. I do NOT check the temp/or have a thermometer for this. I just figure if it's about to boil over it's done and hot enough for me!

Poor your first batch of steamed chocolate milk into your mug with espresso...and then steam your second batch of milk!

Add the second batch of steamed milk and top with whipped cream if you want. Viola, you've got a mocha good enough to keep coffee shop stop temptations at bay!

These days, I am often found here at nap time. The recliner is a good 6 feet closer to the fire + my desk is usually covered in silk and other accessory making findings. 

Ahhh, how lucky to be a stay-at-home-mom. I cherish nap time. 

I am proud to report that I have had only two mochas out the entire month of October! To some of you this may sound like NO major feat. But, before finally deciding to take the plunge and get my little espresso machine, I was frequenting the local coffee shop one-two times daily, and at least five times per week. Now, I actually don't even want to. I like making mochas my way, and I like enjoying them in the comfort of my home...without my kids running around the coffee shop and without buying them something, too. 

Mochas at home are a far more relaxing experience now. I get to keep my addiction, and lose the stress of it {cost included}. 

There are a couple more things I'd like to mention in closing...this mocha is not super sweet. I like this chocolate milk version compared to other recipes I've tried. The use of chocolate milk eliminates extra steps + keeps my mochas extremely consistent + keeps them strong {when using my proportions}. I'm more of a: like-chocolate-with-my-coffee sort of girl than a: like-coffee-with-my-chocolate one. For instance, I always request less syrup in my mochas at coffee shops. The only coffee shop where I don't alter my order in someway, is at the one that makes mochas with chocolate milk instead of syrup. If you like a sweeter mocha, try this easy at-home recipe.

Lastly, for an iced mocha...

Do everything exactly the same, except:
  • don't steam your milk {hooray! less to clean!}
  • add ice + whipped cream + a straw!

Happy Halloween!! I hope you enjoy my non-festive contribution! Have a fun & safe night :)


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