Saturday, October 19, 2013

getting the hang of fall :: Frye boots

Last weekend, G, the kids, and I attended a beautiful, casual fall wedding here in Southwest Colorado. Simply dressing for it helped me begin to emerge from the little bit of fall funk I'd been experiencing the couple weeks before. I asked Gabe to snap a few phone photos of me so that I could see if I actually looked as good as I felt >>--->

I hadn't even started thinking about my options {I didn't think I had any} until a few hours before the wedding. Part of fall funk for me is the transitioning of seasonal wardrobes...I'm not ready yet to get out of sandals, but don't at all like to be cold either. The sudden drop in CO temps forces me into old Carhartt sweatshirts and faded jeans; my slippers, and before I know it I've gone three days without showering-much less applying a single coat of mascara. Anyway, it doesn't take long before dressing like that, and feeling option-less, begins to take it's toll. Finally though, I manage to get it together {it happens every year}! TGFW {thank-God-for-weddings}, I was forced to dig through my closest and find something fall appropriate to wear. The result made me feel much better about this season. I. Can. Do. This. >>--->

<---<< I recently snagged this Adiktd top at Boot Barn >>--->

<---<< This Garnet Hill skirt is from last season >>--->

<---<< And these boots are one of the all time loves of my life, Billy Heel Tall Frye boots, which are about five years old now and no longer available. But, you could spend hours shopping for Frye boots. They are amazing and make fall/winter waaay more fun. If I were going to get new boots this year I'd get these, in red. I love Frye boots so much that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. Yes, my skirt is wet in all of the photos. I knelt down to talk to True not noticing the puddle of melting snow my skirt would attempt to absorb...Oh fall, thank goodness for clothes. That's all I can say.

I hope you are having a pretty weekend in one way or another. If the colors outside aren't enough, you might be able to make up for it with clothes or, quite simply, boots ;)

X O X O, JL 

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