Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Well hello! As usual my blogging plans for the day changed...I wanted to show you a darling bracelet that I made for Elle West, but I've recently gotten a few new subscriptions to the PRETTYblog. Umm, why would that change my plans for the day you might be wondering. Well, because I've recently added a "Promotions" page to the blog. It is located at the top; just under the big pretty PRETTYblog header.

Anyway, the current promotion is that I'm sending a FREE wish bracelet to subscribers of any of our four mailing lists. The thing is, I can only do it for those who also enter their name & mailing address while subscribing, instead of only entering their email address {which is all that is required}. This is new to the signup forms...they used to only ask for your email address.

By entering your name & mailing address, it means that I can send you stuff. The sorts of things you will receive from me in the mail are simply: your FREE wish bracelet, very special promotions, and very special invitations {like trunk show invites}. I certainly will not be doing many mailings, so you don't need to worry about my mail to you cluttering up your mailbox...that is also true of the emails I send you. I simply won't send that many emails either. And of the mail you do receive from me, it will quite likely be fun, and at the very least, pretty!

Okay, if you are not currently subscribed to a Pretty by JL mailing list and would like to be, click here to choose the list that is the best fit for you. As I mentioned earlier, I send out very few emails and don't see that changing anytime soon. So, don't be scared. If you sign up to receive PRETTYblog posts in your email, you will receive one email per day containing the day before's posts. I don't blog daily usually...but even if I do, you won't receive more than one email per day. You can choose to sign up to any one of the four lists, by clicking on the light blue title. You may, of course, sign up for more than one list, too. However, I will likely only send you one Wish Bracelet {but-cha never know!}.

Alright, so now for the real reason I changed my plans today...IF you are already subscribed to one of the lists, but did so before adding your mailing address was an option OR you simply didn't add it because you didn't see the awesome reason to do so, here is how you can do it now:
  1. Find and open an email that you were sent from the list you are subscribed to. I searched using the words "pretty blog" in my Gmail account, and my most recent post email popped right up.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of your email and click on "update subscription preferences".
  3. Now you should be in a form where you are able to add any information that might be missing, likely your name & address.
  4. Enter your info and save it!
  5. Lastly, IF you would like to receive your FREE wish bracelet for being a PRETTY subscriber...hit "Reply" to that email. Type in "subscription preferences updated" and send it to me! Then I will find your address via the appropriate list, and send you your Wish Bracelet!!
It's just that I haven't promoted this promotion at all and it pains me when new subscriptions come in without an address! If you already have a wish bracelet, or don't think you'd wear one, I'm sure there is someone in your life who it'd make a great gift for! I've been hearing a lot of "Wish Bracelets" and "stocking stuffers" in the same sentence lately! You can learn and see all there is to about Pretty by JL Wish Bracelets from the official page by clicking here

While we are on the Wish Bracelet subject I want to share a couple more photos with you to give you an idea about how they wear. See the official page to find wish bracelet instructions...okay, so you tie them on and then what? 

Well, right after you tie them on they look like they do in the photo at the start of this post. After about a week you might start losing beads. Whether you do or not, your bracelet will have become more loose, and the center beads will likely be moving around on the silk {instead of fitting stationary in the middle of the bracelet like they started}. Same is true for week two, and you may think the bracelet looks a little scroungy. This is what those same wish bracelets above look like one month later >>--->

This is a week later, a different angle, and with a Pretty by JL wrap >>--->

How long will they last? Well, it's up to you with yours! I've lost all the beads but one, on one bracelet. But, I still have them all on because I like them. One bracelet's wish came true right away upon losing beads, one didn't, and the other is still working. That's what the guarantee is for. Click here to learn about that. The guarantee can be claimed whether I sent you a wish bracelet for free, whether you bought it, or whether it was a gift. A Pretty by JL Wish Bracelet is a Pretty by JL Wish Bracelet regardless of how you happened upon it!

I'm excited about you taking advantage of this promotion! I can't say how long I'll run it, but definitely feel free to share it in any way that you see fit! Your friends will surely appreciate the opportunity ;) As well, when your wish comes true {because it will eventually}, email me if you'd like to share your testimonial at! 

Live your wishes and love your life in style with Pretty by JL!

<-----<< S H O P wish bracelets >>----->

Pretty by JL Wish Bracelets are handcrafted with love in Colorado ::USA:: 

guarantee // testimonials // official page 

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