Monday, October 28, 2013

a perfect fall weekend :: leaves & jack-o-lanterns + a secret ingredient

It ended with a bed of leaves. After J & Mads went home on Sunday {from a cousin sleepover}, and G & True went to the shop for a bit, Elle West and I raked the yard...she reaped the fall benefits in true kid fashion!

Before that, we had breakfast out with all four kids...we walked in the brisk morning air and it was delightful. I had my leftovers for dinner, and that was delightful too!

Before that, the cousins had two sleepovers in a row! On Friday night they stayed at the Out Run Ranch, with two of their favorite adults, while G and I had a date night...a lobster, sock, sleeping bag, Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger, popcorn, and fire filled date night!! IT was wonderful. Did I mention lobster? Amazing.

Saturday, we did our obligatory-cousin-pumpkin-carving at the Out Run Ranch and I actually participated. Does it surprise you in the least that I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin carving OR of Halloween...what with my fall dreariness and all?? Regular 'ol Grinch over here. But at Mary & Keith's, they host the party and make us dinner. So, I'm most grateful to attend one of the kids' favorite parties of the year + get out of the mess at my house!

From left to right, top to bottom >>---> J's, age 6, drawn and cut by himself >>---> Elle West's, age almost 2, helped by Dad >>---> True Bug's, age almost 5, drawn by himself with cutting help from Mary >>---> Mads', age almost 5, helped by me {it's a rooster btw}.

Happy Halloween week to you!! Are you dressing up, or is that exclusively for the kids? 

Oh, what am I going to be for halloween...for all of those festivities that I won't be attending, you ask. Wait for it, wait fooorr IT >>>>>>

<<< A SCARY MOM [shrieking & cackling laughter in the background]

It's the one week that I have an excuse. Hm. I might actually love Halloween. Okay, that's going a liiittle far. But I did, very thoroughly, enjoy this past fall weekend ;)

making progress {date nights majorly help} {xoxo}, JL

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