Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Native American pendants on Pretty by JL necklaces >>-----> Toh-Atin Gallery

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big, big fan of Native American art work. Including jewelry, rugs, blankets, pottery, baskets, clothing, paintings, books, etc... It is very lucky for me that I live in southwest Colorado, or might that be why I live in southwest Colorado?!

Anyway, you might then understand how excited I was to get the opportunity to make some necklaces to compliment a variety of Native American pendants, for Toh-Atin Gallery in Durango. I was sent home with five of them, and was given complete freedom to create necklaces which I felt were appropriate for each piece. Here are some pictures >>----->

<---<< This is a Wedding Basket pendant made by Roland Begay. I paired it with a Pretty by JL Wrap in silks of >>-----> taupe :: black :: cream

The wrap measures approximately  26" and can be wrapped around, on some, twice to be worn as a choker >>----->

Here's another Pretty by JL Wrap made to compliment this Jimmy Poyer piece >>----->

I used silks of >>-----> aqua :: black :: cream 

<---<< Here's how it looks doubled up >>----->

Next I did a Pretty by JL, 5 strand, Twist Necklace measuring approximately 18". The silks are of >>-----> black :: cream :: light gray >>----->

For this pretty little turquoise and sterling silver piece I made a Pretty by JL Braid Necklace measuring approximately 16". 

It is in silks of >>-----> pale blue :: pale blue :: light grey >>----->

I did the same thing for this handsome slide in silks of >>-----> 
pale blue :: taupe :: black >>----->

Pretty by JL necklaces still have our trade mark fringe & flair that you've grown to love! Here is the back view of the above Pretty by JL Braid necklace >>----->

All of the Pretty by JL & Native American pieces pictured here are now available in Toh-Atin Gallery in Durango.  I snapped the photos a couple weeks ago on Instagram and you can see things first by following along @prettybyjl. Be sure to tag your Pretty by JL pieces for everyone to see with #prettybyjl!


Do you have a pendant you'd like paired with a Pretty by JL Necklace? Contact me for information, I'd love to work with you! Email >>-----> jl@prettybrasfornursingmoms.com

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