Monday, September 16, 2013

Emily McDowell Fine Art Print :: being good...

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I received the above print as a birthday gift a couple weeks ago. It is Emily McDowell's "Anne of Green Gables" Fashionable Print, 5x7". I had to just inhale deeply upon receiving it for two reasons. 1} because someone knows me so well, and 2} because I'm obviously not the only one who feels this way...both fill me with joy! Ahhh, to be understood!

I am acutely aware that not everyone can relate. But, I had to laugh last weekend when I was showering {I had received the print a few days before} and I was thinking about my day. I had a couple somewhat dull tasks to work on; that I felt would be a strain to keep focused on. As I was shampooing, I resolved that I would dress was a Saturday being spent at home with the family. A sort of day where I'd normally wear my most casual and comfy clothes {Levis and a tee}. But, since I didn't plan on just lounging around because I had stuff to do and not fun stuff, I figured I'd dress stylishly and would wear some of my favorite would help. If I felt "fashionable" it would be "much easier to be good". Ha! That's what I thought! Really...all by myself! I grinned ear to ear and shook my head. Chloe had written in her birthday card to me, which had arrived earlier, that she hadn't found "the perfect gift" yet, and for me to expect something random down the road when she found "the right one". The gift that she ultimately sent couldn't have been more perfect or right!

Here's what I wore >>--->

<---<< Still quite casual because that's how I roll. 

I wore a decade old shimmer & paisley halter purchased in a Durango boutique that's no longer around; an Ella Moss t-back tank from many a seasons ago layered on top; my True Religion Billys; Sam Edelman Greyson sandals; my Teri Greeves beaded cuff {another birthday gift}, and 2 Pretty by JL bracelets {1 :: 2}. I felt "good" and therefore found it "easier to be good".

***That day, and the chosen outfit, feels miles away with the Colorado weather that has ensued since. My heart goes out to everyone on the front range who has suffered any form of flooding devastation. Lucky for us, here in the southwest corner of the state, our grass is thriving and our houses & cars are not currently being washed away. But, tanks and sandals certainly may be a thing of the past this fall!***

As for Emily McDowell's print, I couldn't love it more. I spent some time on her website and started following her on Instagram...I encourage you to take a look at both, too {with a cup of coffee in hand 'cause you'll want to stay awhile}, to see what treasures you can find; to see that you are indeed understood, too ;)


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