Thursday, August 8, 2013

pretty family 5k posters

I had a super busy and productive day in Durango yesterday, and got a bunch of our posters hung for this year's family 5k walk/run!

Designing the family 5k's poster each year is pretty much the first thing we do, after reserving the park. We've always used illustrations by Little Lion Studio as the design's base, and then design all of the other event collateral around it. Chloe, of course, does the design work, and pretty much all I do is a lot of oohing and aahing! I'm obviously a big fan of this year's poster design, but it makes me want to look back at previous year's posters to reminisce a little!


Aren't they lovely?!!

Here is some of the other event collateral I mentioned, and that was derived from our poster graphic...the kids' mile awards. I LOVE them. They make me want to run the kids' mile :)

This is the base graphic, and illustration by Little Lion Studio. You can purchase rights to use illustrations like this from iStock Photos...

It just makes me happy. All of them have, from all four years. Now when you see those pretty posters hanging around town you can imagine my joy while hanging them, and the oohs and aahs that they've been subjected to!

What's nutty is that those are just the 5k's posters and kid awards! We have a fantastic event planned this year, and with even more graphic design stemming from this gorgeous illustration! You can visit the event webpage to register online or to print your mail-in registration form by clicking HERE! I hope to see you at this year's family 5k walk/run, on Saturday, August 31 {Labor Day Weekend}, in Durango!


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