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From her earliest days in the darkroom, at 3 years old, Jenny Gummersall has "studied" life with a unique eye for the normal being transformed into the unusual.

Born near Chicago, Jenny studied art and photography at Columbia College in Missouri. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, Gummersall's love of the West was inspired by the New Mexico light. Her mentor, the late Reinhold Misselbeck (Curator, Museum Ludwig, Cologne Germany) early on encouraged Jenny to photograph her present surroundings so as to share those expert technical abilities with her passion of "drawing with light".

Jenny Gummersall's art is in numerous corporate and public art collections as well as notable private collections. Tucson Museum of Art, The Museum at Texas Tech, The Residences at The Little Nell, Aspen, Nestles Corporation, Baylor Hospital, First Western Bank, The Omni Hotel at The Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, to name a few.
Articles celebrating Gummersall's art have appeared in magazines and books over the years including Aspen Magazine, Cowboys & Indians, the cover of Southwest Art, Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, Durango Magazine and Canada's Wish Magazine.


"Jenny Gummersall’s photography knocks me out. She sees fine art everywhere around her — an egg in a ranch kitchen, a cloud formation over Telluride. Her Horse Dreams series gets me right where I live because it puts me right where I want to be — in a world where it’s just an appaloosa, a landscape, and my imagination ready to jump on and run wild. That these photographs can flip my fantasy switch with a little toy horse and an impromptu tableau tells me that Jenny Gummersall is an artist indeed."
— Dana Joseph, senior editor Cowboys & Indians magazine

{Jenny's Girl With Pink Slippers, a print from her Horse Dreams series}

So, how lucky am I, or are we? I've been SOoo excited about the upcoming Pretty by JL trunk show with special guest Tyller Gummersall...SOoo excited that he's going to perform in MY very own backyard, that I haven't even thought to mention the coolness that are his parents. Well, and that they are going to be here, too! Both of them are also artists, and I strongly encourage that you to take a peek at both Jenny & Greg's work. Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to fall in love as you imagine your dream home decorated in their pieces. Both works are extremely different, but I truly love both styles. 

I was just about to type that someday my home will be filled with work by Jenny & Greg when it dawned on me that this coming Thursday is the day!!! Jenny will be showcasing matted 5x5" and 5x7" limited edition prints, of 24, from some of her series. Each piece retails for $75. For each piece that sells during Thursday's trunk show, Jenny will give half the proceeds to me...because she's amazing and because she believes in our mission. Let me take a sec to remind you why someone would give me money *OR* buy a Pretty by JL product>>--------->       

<---------<<Pretty by JL products are being sold as a way to earn the funds necessary to launch Pretty-Bras for Nursing Moms, llc by JL. Our business is dedicated to accomplishing the mission to help each woman soften the challenges of breastfeeding by celebrating her body and satisfying her spirit of self.

The above piece, Girl With Pink Slippers, is one that Jenny will be showcasing at Thursday's show. Here's another one...

{Jenny's Blue Pin Cushion, a print from her Flowers series}

I can't wait to see what else she brings! Between her gorgeous prints, the two prints I will have displayed of Greg's {featuring Tyller...just wait and see!}, Tangerine Hills {Pretty by JL's fall accessory collection}, and music by Tyller...our senses are going to be in heaven!

Have I mentioned the croissants from Serious Delights, my spiked watermelon limeade, tangerine hills salsa, and the door prizes??! Ahh sheesh. I'm not exactly sure how we are going to pack so much wonderfulness into two hours, but we're gonna!!

This Thursday, August 15th in Bayfield, CO. From 7-9 pm. The number of guests is limited, but we still have room for a few more. Email me: to RSVP. 

See you here!

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