Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Girls' Night Out :: wish bracelets


Pretty by JL is going to be there!! Girls Night Out is the most looked forward to event of the year by women in the Four Corners's the Women's Resource Center of Durango's largest fundraiser and is always a fantastic time!

Usually, the family 5k walk/run falls on the Saturday following Girls Night Out. So, I have been unable to attend. But this year, since the 5k is on Labor Day Weekend and NOT on the same weekend as Girls Night Out, I get to go!!! Not only am I going, but I will be a vendor there! Be sure to look for the Pretty by JL booth because this is what we're doing...

...Pretty by JL *Wish Bracelets*!

When I was approached about being a vendor at this year's event, I knew instantly that I wanted to be one. The Women's Resource Center has helped my venture along since the beginning, and continues to be a sponsor of our family 5k walk/run, benefiting the Durango Pregnancy Center and Best For Babes Foundation, annually. Since I was already planning on attending this year, my exhibiting is a natural and perfect fit...I get to be there and give a little back to the Women's Resource Center! Win Win!!

The challenge I faced was figuring out what to do. They were looking for vendors who could offer an interactive booth for guests, and that also pamper them in some way. Most of the Pretty by JL accessories, however pampering they may be, are extremely time consuming and costly to make. But, I told Mandy that I'd come up with something

I went bead shopping via a supplier I normally use looking for a less expensive way to make something worthy of the Pretty by JL label. I figured that I could use scrap silk, inexpensive beads and viola{!} have a-something-interactive-and-pampering to offer the Rhinestone Cowgirls and Diamond Divas of Girls Night Out! Well...inexpensive isn't easy for me. It's just not. The beads certainly are not cheap, but I am happy with their price. However, I'm not so sure that I can get by with only using scrap silk. Full size pieces will be necessary for many wish bracelets. But, I LOVE the design I came up with! For me, excitement generally always overrides cost, so we're good to go!! Each guest of Girls Night Out will get to choose her own silk color, and from a variety of beads to create her own, custom, Pretty by JL *Wish Bracelet* {each a $10 value} for free!! I love them so much, that I plan to start offering them in the Pretty by JL accessory mix via our Etsy, stay tuned! In the meanwhile, here's what Girls Night Out guest will get to choose from...

The Diva Wish Bracelet

here's the beads...


The Natural Beauty Wish Bracelet

the beads have little silver tinsel pieces inside...

pretty :)

The Out-of-this-World Wish Bracelet

these just scream coolness...

...and yum.

Each guest will get to choose from the above beads and the below silks while supplies last...

Now that you've seen them, you may still be wondering, Well what IZzz a Wish Bracelet???. What you just Pretty by JL's twist on the nostalgic classic. Upon tying it on you will make a wish. When you lose beads, it falls off, or you decide to cut it off {that part is nontraditional, but it'll work for Pretty by JL purposes} your wish will come true! So make it a good one!!!

In addition to the fun we'll be having at our booth, I will also be donating a gift certificate for Pretty by JL's signature and custom 3 color heart + matching child or infant charm bracelet set to the Girls Night Out silent auction {a $189 value}...the ultimate gift for the cowgirl diva in your life {or YOU}!

You can buy tickets for Girls Night Out and learn more about the event...taking place this coming Friday, 8.23.13, at beautiful LePlatt's Pond in Bayfield, clicking here.

See you there! JL

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