Tuesday, August 27, 2013

dear friend :: #1

I'm up and burning the midnight oil tonight...poking around my blog and website thinking about things; looking at things. I like to do that stuff. It's fun for me and I call it dinking.

Yesterday, I typed my friend an email in which I took a sec to tell a story. Usually, our emails are quick and to the point since we also have a working relationship. Nearly two years ago I wrote an email to her in a similar way...recalling and sharing a story with her. Back then...I wasn't blogging nearly as regularly. When she replied to the email that I had written to her she said, "This is the stuff you should be blogging about..."

Several such emails come to mind. I write things to friends for all kinds of reasons, but they all boil down to life. I like to tell stories, and they definitely seem to come out the best when I write them.

Since it is still August, and still World Breastfeeding Month, and since I have not held true to my weekly breastfeeding related posting {like I claimed I would for World Breastfeeding Month}, I am going to begin my column titled Dear Friend now, and with what I wrote to my friend yesterday. Since it is related to breastfeeding, now is the perfect time to start...

{below is copied and pasted from email dated 8.26.13 // names have been changed for privacy // unedited otherwise}

Hello!! It is fantastic news!!! "Drying" up happens to the best of us and thank goodness we have healthy options!!! It is wonderful to hear that with the simplest of changes (a little supplement), that Ben is thriving! That is what we want!

Breastfeeding is still a success, in my opinion, if mom is happy with the effort/result...and to me, it was a success with you big time. Not to mention it is still going! Hooray for naps & talking & raspberries!!!

I used a Fenugreek supplement when my milk started to dry up with True after he had a bout of refusing to eat which affected my supply & demand...it really helped. Although I always had one boob that produced less and then he favored the other one which just kept the cycle going. Anyway, just thought I'd mention the Fenugreek in case you want to look into it. I didn't do much research. Just took left overs of Brittany's. But, it got us going again...made my armpits smell like maple syrup which was weird!

In case you are wondering why True refused to eat, it goes like this...when he was eight months old we went camping. He'd been crawling around on the ground before I took him to the truck to feed him. (both of my kids always put stuff in their mouths) When we got to the truck, I began nursing him like normal...he latch right on and began to suck. Then he got a horrified look on his face, came off the boob, and was just looking at me horrified while also not breathing. I looked back at him horrified for a split second and then sat him up. His color started to change and lips began to blue. I had no idea what was happening. I turned him over and started patting his back (or pounding on it!) and he started to cry. We both cried as his color came back. Then he spit out a leaf. It was about 1 x 3/4". He must have inhaled it, blocking his wind pipe when he began to nurse. He would not nurse for two weeks and then started again very hesitantly...he associated his chocking to breastfeeding. I was in turmoil over it for the two weeks. I pumped and fed him from a bottle, but offered him the boob every feeding until he finally started taking it again. But, in the beginning he'd scream bloody murder when I brought out my boob. It was so sad & discouraging. I didn't have my breast pump with me when we were camping or any breast milk. But, by then he was eating solids...he just ate solids and drank water. I was miserably engorged and Gabe helped me hand express to relieve the pressure. True ate mostly solids and drank water at home, too, because he never would drink much breast milk from a bottle. He finally wanted it badly enough that he started again. I on the other hand, never responded well to the pump. So, my supply started dwindling because of pumping and not feeding. That's why I took the Fenugreek...just to try. I thought we might be done. But, it worked and we went strong for another six months. Craziness, huh?? Damn leaf! I hope little Ben is a kiddo who doesn't like to put things in his mouth...there are kids who don't, but I didn't get one!

Sounds great about naps! It's nice to have info to compare against, and to have ideas to try instead of being a test dummy! That's how I like to roll anyway :)

Let me know how things go!


When did your milk dry up? Do you have any experience using Fenugreek? Do you have any stories relating to a baby refusing to nurse after breastfeeding was well established...how did it turn out?!

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