Tuesday, July 23, 2013

two PRETTY girls :: matching bracelets

silk colors in // lavender :: pink :: aqua

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to make the above bracelet set for a very pretty mom & daughter. 

Camilla liked the stacked charm bracelet that I was wearing, and wanted to customize her own. I hand stamped five charms for her. The characters "R & C" for Camilla and her husband, Ryan {that's three charms}, a "K" for her sweet sweet baby girl, Kesleigh, and an "A" for she & Ryan's godchild {I can't remember her name, but it's really pretty, too!}. She chose to do three solid colored braids within her stacked bracelet, like we have available in Watermelon Limeade, our Summer 2013 Accessory Collection. She had me make a braid for Kesleigh; with a color of each to match hers. The effect was stunning.

I loved the bracelet so much, that I'd hoped to photograph Camilla and Kesleigh in them to use in an Etsy listing. Between the pretty bracelets and the PRETTY girls, the photos would have been amazing. But, I actually left town, and without even getting to hand deliver the order myself like I'd hoped.

I always tell people to send me a picture of themselves wearing their Pretty by JL accessory if they'd like me to add it to our facebook album, Pretty by JL in the street {or in the yard!}. I don't get one from most people, so I'm super excited when I do!

Sooo...you can imagine my excitement when I saw on my phone that Camilla had tagged me in a photo! I was dying to see her and sweet Kesleigh in their bracelets. I had to laugh out loud when I finally sat down to look at the photo...

Yep! There they are! Camilla commented with "Blurry pic but I had to take one today :)". I understand all to well! That is what life looks like with an eleven month old little girl who is on the cusp of walking! I've taken an absolutely ridiculous amount of photos trying to capture Elle West in her bracelets...I can relate to blurry!

So, as happy as I was to see that Camilla and Kesleigh were each wearing and loving their very PRETTY bracelets...I was so, So, SO excited to come across a couple more that were not blurry, AND also showed the pretty girls themselves! 

There is pretty mama, Camilla, and in front of her is TyLee {a pretty girl I've yet to tell you about, but most certainly will!}. They are both wearing their Pretty by JL bracelets. Here's sweet baby girl Kesleigh asleep on mom...

We can't tell if Kesleigh is wearing her's, but mama's looks great. The photo though, is absolutely and utterly precious!

Customize your own matching set like Camilla & Kesleigh's here, and enjoy this part of life...however oh-so-very-fast-paced-and-blurry it may be!


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