Monday, July 1, 2013

SOLO :: pretty paper plates

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{Photo taken by me on Instagram}

So, SOLO makes more than red cups...not that Toby Keith would know. But, I myself am pretty excited about it. I may sound a little nutty here, and that is most likely because I am. 

I've mentioned in the past that I am a plate snob. I tend to turn up my nose at eating off of paper plates, though I do it in secret if I'm around anyone but Gabe. He LOVES eating off of paper plates; he dislikes greatly doing dishes. He doesn't love me spending time doing dishes either, but he certainly will let me if I insist on using real dinnerware. 

When we decided to start traveling with Gabe for work, I packed a variety of my Fiesta dinnerware in the camper. He thought I was nuts then, and said we could use paper. I about had a heart attack and probably cried at one point or another. Then he said we could buy a set of new dishes for the camper. No, I insisted, we aren't camping. We are living, and I wanted the camper to feel like home.

Well, like so many things over the years, I've worn a little thin and have come around to Gabe's way of thinking. I don't LOVE doing dishes, and as much as it saddens me not to use my just doesn't always feel worth it. Although, for some meals, paper won't, and will not ever, do {I'm still convinced}. 

But, these SOLO Asian Flower plates sure help. Actually, they have been the major influence behind my using paper, more often than real ones, in the camper for the past month. They're pretty. 

When I saw them in the Rangely grocery store, I picked them up, turned them over, weighed them and probably muttered a few things before I put them back. After all, I don't like paper plates so there was no reason for me to buy them. But, why not? We are camper livin'. I was toward the other end of the aisle when I decided to turn around and stick them in my cart. My other hesitation had been that, small town grocery stores aren't the most economical choice, usually, when buying paper goods. But, not unusual for me, pretty won over economy. 

For weeks {I tried to use the pack of fifty sparingly}, I loved opening the drawer to get out our lunch plates...when it hit me, maybe it's not so much the paper part as it is the un-pretty part of the paper plate norm that I curl my lip at. Kinda like nursing bras! I like to like the things that I buy and use. I know trivial things like this don't matter to everyone, but for me, it's a joy thing. Pretty things just make me happy. 

The plates made me so happy, in fact, that the next time we went to the Rangely grocery store I checked for more. There were five packages on the shelf and I bought them all. The kids had fun loading their mini shopping carts. Gabe just smiled. He knows. He also won {again}.

{True with his mini shopping cart in the Rangely grocery store; the October before I had Elle West in 2011}

When I was packing for my recent trip to Denver with Elle West, I grabbed a pack of the pretty paper plates to take to Emily. I thought, if anyone will appreciate my paper plates it will be Emily. Sure enough, when I presented them to her, she let out a very gratifying {for me} gasp and said, "Ooh, those are pretty!"

Just thought I'd share before the Fourth since you may be bullied into using paper plates! If so, may your plates be PRETTY, and your holiday safe & wonderful!


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