Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Serious Delights :: the family 5k menu!

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So, it's lookin' like we're in for two p.p.p.s this week {Products, People, Places}! I've got to take a short moment to gush about Serious Delights, the amazingness that is the bakery that is found inside of Nature's Oasis!! This time of year, you can also find them at the Durango Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings, 8 am to noon. 

They have a beautiful new website which can be found by clicking on their logo above, and they've got an active facebook page that you can like here. My personal favorites, since I have a sweet tooth, are their chocolate mousse and {when in season, NOW!} strawberry rhubarb pies! Here is a photo of their strawberry rhubarb mini pie that I shared on facebook last summer...

...I'm not a big fan of sharing my strawberry rhubarb mini pies from Serious Delights, so I enjoyed this one outside at nap time ;)

Anyway, so lucky for us, Robert and Kelly love our family 5k! They've sponsored the event each of the four years it has existed! Robert got the menu to me for this year's event last week, and I just have to share!

Here's what we're gonna have:

The following varieties of freshly baked mini croissants:
Traditional (unfilled)
Smoked Ham & White Cheddar
Roasted Jalapeno & Smoked Bacon
Sauteed Spinach & Feta

Also freshly baked mini Cinnamon Rolls! 

Plus the following gluten-free options:
Mini lemon coconut muffins
Mini pumpkin spice muffins
Mini chocolate dipped macaroons

Umm, does that not alone make the family 5k worth coming to?!!! Durango Joe's is providing coffee, and I'm making my watermelon limeade. That's just the food. Wait 'til you see what else is going on!!

A ginormous Thank YOU to Serious Delights for feeding us well...

See YOU at the family 5k walk run!! Register or print your mail-in registration form HERE.


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