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Sam Edelman Sandals & Miss Me Jeans :: a reinvention

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{Photo series taken by me on Instagram}

So since it's Friday, and since this post has been a ridiculously long time coming, and since Sam Edelman is doing an Instagram giveaway that ends Monday using the hash tag #ShowUsYourSams, I'm going to share here what I shared months ago on Instagram...

My Sam Edelman Sandals & Miss Me Jeans Reinvention! People loved the pics I shared when I was back in West Texas, so I have no doubt that it is also post worthy.

It all starts with some sandal woes. This is the second of two, which I mentioned in this post...incidentally also about Sam Edelman sandals. What can I say, I love their sandals. So after my Greysons broke, I started wearing my old Gingers. THREE year old Gingers! So, they aren't quite what you are seeing if you click on the link. My Gingers have been great and I absolutely love them. But, they were beginning to look a little worse for wear. I'd washed them a couple times {complete with a toothbrush scrub}, and had done a little mending on some fraying edges of leather. The things had carried me many many a mile on foot, including while pregnant, and while not pregnant but carrying my baby through the streets of Medellin, search of a manufacturer for our maternity/nursing dress {still being developed} ----->

<----- Now I'm more set than ever on just having the dress manufactured here. I've always wanted USA Made products, and since our accessories are being handcrafted here, and since I find the language barrier too stressful for now, I'm looking to produce the dress in the states. But, back to Sam Edelman Sandals & Miss Me Jeans. Excuse the little detour...{though you can catch a glimpse of my Gingers in their second season of use in the photo above}.

I've mentioned before Elle West's little picky fingers. Picky as in, she picks at things. She has amazing grace, dexterity, and precision with her little fingers. It's actually very fun to watch. Except for if she is picking at bead work on my sandals. So was the case. My Gingers had some loose ones, and Elle West darn right picked 'em off! I was SO mad. Sandal woe number two. Now what?!

My new Greysons were broke and my old Gingers were void of a needed bead {not to mention the loose-and-wiry-fishing-looking-line that was now exposed, with no bead!} Sound a little dramatic? Well, maybe it was. But, it was a woe. I went searching for another new pair of sandals to right the down right depressing situation. We were in Odessa, TX at the time where there was not a Nordstrom. They have Dillard's, which does not carry Sam Edelman, and I just couldn't find anything to replace either pair of my sandals.

Earlier that morning, I'd placed my old Gingers in the trash. I immediately took them out and set them on our camper's bathroom counter. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. Surely I could use the beads for something {or something!}. On our drive home from town, where I had no luck shopping, I decided I was in the mood for a craft.

I was going to reinvent my sandals. The soles were so comfy and everything on them was just fine except for the bead work, surely I could do something. I also had an old pair of Miss Me Jeans that I couldn't bear parting with. They were pre-bling they were so old. I decided I'd turn them into shorts, although G hates cut-offs {I keep trying to convince him to take the glorifying view of today's country music, but he won't. I LOVE cut-offs, always will.}, and use some of their denim on my Gingers. The process looked like this ----->

It might just be one bead and look like nothing to you. But, it was just the beginning.

I LOVE Miss Me Jeans. Bling or no bling, I love them all and have worn them for five years. This was one of my first pair.

See what I mean. I just could not throw those beads away.

I am obsessed with arrows right now. You can check our my arrow obsession board on Pinterest to see more.

Design complete. I washed and dried them to get the edges to fray in true cut-off fashion. Then I just sewed them on my Gingers with a hardy needle & some thread.

Sam Edelman Sandals and Miss Me Jeans may live another season {or more!}.

Described as "Giving Batman a run for his money" on Instagram

The best pic I could salvage from the few I had G snap...but, you get the idea ;)

I've worn the sandals and the shorts lots since my summer started in Feb. {thanks to W TX}. It's pretty cool to be on season number three in these shoes. Whenever anyone gives me crap about the amount I may be willing to spend on high quality clothing, shoes, and accessories...I tell them that I don't buy lots, and it lasts a really long time. This summer won't be the last for these Gingers or cut-offs!

A big thanks to Sam Edelman and Miss Me for making such great stuff!


Anyone want my leftover beads? I've got lots left...if you want 'em, just shout it out in the comments with some contact info. I'll mail 'em to ya!

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