Thursday, July 25, 2013

photo love candidate gone collage :: Elle West

Okay, so I took these photos this morning of Elle West because I loved her romper and how well her bracelet coordinated with it. The bracelet is our infant stacked braid bracelet from this summer's accessory collection, Watermelon Limeade. It also comes in our child size. {there is even a coordinating option for mom}

I tend to chase Elle West around and snap bunches of photos. I mean bunches. I delete a lot. I've mentioned before that she is on the move and it's difficult to get a good frontal view, again, because I'm chasing her.

After quickly scrolling through the pics, I was satisfied and pocketed my phone. I was pretty sure that I had a photo love in the bunch.

I almost photo loved this one...

...'cause look at her earrings, her eyelashes, her nose, her little perfect toddler hand, the darlingness of her bracelet, the ruching and the bow on her sleeve!

But, then I went through all the rest and decided I needed to do a collage instead, and then a post. I will photo love next week, but one wouldn't cut it here. This week's has been replaced by a full blown post. There was just no way around it...

...see what I mean? But, I think I still love this one the most. I think. Pretty much I think I just love my baby, Elle West...

<3, JL

Love her bracelet? We've got just a few left. Get one here ;)

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