Tuesday, July 16, 2013

philosophy & core values

Now that I'm at home in Bayfield, though home is a questionable word at the moment, I'm getting to work within my little office space. While in my little office space, I can see the pretty framed copy of our philosophy & core values that Chloe designed for me a couple years back. She used a photograph of one of my journals {open to blank pages} sitting on the hardy picnic table in my backyard, a sketch from one of my sketch books, copies of my handwritten words philosophy and core values, the PBfNM logo of course, and the philosophy and core values themselves. 

I was inspired to write our philosophy & core values after I read the book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose. The book is about the company Zappos and how it came to be, and included lots about their company culture. Since I've got the entrepreneur bug...it was right up my alley. But, it also had great stories and was a really fun read. When I finished it, I asked myself...What do I want our company culture to look like? and What is our philosophy & core values? I put pen to paper and came up with this:

Philosophy --->

If we work with you, you are our friend; If you are our customer, you are family.

Core Values --->
  1. Love ourselves; be inspired to be our best and inspire others to be theirs.
  2. Celebrate our bodies!
  3. Nourish our babies, families, friends, neighbors & selves.
  4. Strive to make each interaction with everyone a feel good interaction.
  5. Learn from and embrace change.
  6. Be fabulous! And ALWAYS consider the ones we love.
  7. Learn from others & grow; teach others & help them grow.
  8. Get rid of it if it isn't: pretty, useful, or joyful.
  9. Envision, create, and believe in our universe.
  10. Be truthful, respectful, thankful, & LISTEN.

After I wrote them, I realized that the core values of my business are essentially the same as what I strive for in my life, and that the philosophy is how I do business already. 

It's nice to take a moment to check & balance, and it is comforting to just see them on the wall. While our company culture only currently consists of a few, it's a good one, and I look forward to growth on such a positive foundation.

Do you have a set of core values? A philosophy you live or do business by?


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