Monday, July 15, 2013

gone with the setting sun :: Rangely

Not really. Because we headed south, but we did leave yesterday. We got back to Bayfield late last night to finish out the summer at home. When I say we, I'm referring to the kids and I. Gabe may come and go, but he still has work in Rangely for now. We might end up there again in the fall...regardless of where we end up, we will resume camper livin' following Labor Day. 

Here's the thing, I just called here {Bayfield} home. But, it doesn't feel like home since it's just the kids and I. Remember G's Father's Day present? Well, I knew that the whole travelling/camper livin' thing would really shake my perspective, and it has. I can live anywhere, so long as I'm with the people I love, and the house that I live in is fairly irrelevant. 

We were in Rangely for about two months. I haven't posted many details about Rangely, though we have done some fun things and some of the surrounding areas are really pretty. I was craving routine a bit more when we were in Rangley, whereas in Texas, I was more interested in the newness of the area and of camper livin'...some of that has faded. The camper living honeymoon period is over I guess. Now I find myself trying to live normally {or, establish our normal routine} regardless of where we are.

Rangely was both tough and accommodating for me. Our camper park wasn't more than a dirt parking lot {the only photos I've posted 'cause it's not pretty}, my cell phone had spastic {but essentially zip} service, and since my cell phone didn't do it's data thing...I couldn't use it as my internet hot spot like I'd grown used to. However, the town is small and slow like I am used to {I'm comparing it to the non-slowness of West Texas of course}, there is a strong sense of community, an amazing rec. center that provides child care {and internet!}, and one of my favorites...a small town coffee shop. We rode our bikes everywhere and there was an awesome park for the kids, and we made friends. Overall, I'd call our time in Rangely a success, and most importantly we were together. 

So since our camper park was not pretty, I didn't tend to take many photos there. I did, however, take sunset pictures because they were so different, not only from day to day, but from the ones in West Texas. I loved the ones in West Texas because the sky seemed so big and the colors were so warm, but they looked pretty much the same each day. In Rangely, since we're back in Colorado, you never know what you're gonna get. Here are eight weeks worth from the front steps of our camper...

I love that last one. I just took it a few days ago. The phone photos obviously don't capture any of them very well, but you can see the angelic rays coming up through the was stunning. Evenings are super nice in Rangely {minus the bugs}, because the days have been getting pretty hot. Although not near as hot as in West Texas. We were lucky to leave there in May!

Okay, so now I'm home, or in our house in Bayfield. I obviously have preferences about where I live, and I absolutely adore our corner of the state. Really, I LOVE it. Durango was so beautiful to drive into yesterday evening. I also LOVE being home and having cell service and internet!! But, my house and yard are run down and I feel a bit overwhelmed by it. Granted, it's my first day here. I'm sure I will be amazed by what I will be able to accomplish in a month and a half. But it's hard to want to do anything when I know we are just leaving again so soon {I really want to gut the place!}. Maybe I'll just let it all go, and instead focus on a normal routine here. I've learned that house and yard work can eat up all the time, and I'm just not in that place right now. So, if you come by for a visit...expect an old and dusty summer home, a glass of watermelon limeade, and friends! 


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