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Chloe Marty Custom Invitations :: fob favor set

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{Custom Invitation designed by Chloe Marty :: available for customization in her Etsy Shop

The above invitation is one that I commissioned Chloe Marty to design, for my friend Emily's baby shower in June. Planning something like a baby shower is always, at first, a bit overwhelming and intimidating for me. Emily's sister, Anne, and I had taken charge. I do such things {like hosting or organizing baby showers/sprinkles or bachelorette parties} for my close friends despite the work and intimidation, because I want them to get what I want them to get by way of event. I can be a fuzz controlling like that, and in those situations, push the overwhelmance I might feel aside...some things are just worth doing.

In this case, the coming of Emily's twins needed to be celebrated in utmost fashion! She moved throughout her pregnancy with grace, and was a true inspiration as she took care of her three boys like she would any other summer; despite her full-term belly. She is an amazing mom.

After browsing Emily's registry and seeing the paint chips she'd picked for the twins nursery, I knew the first thing I needed to do was contact Chloe for an invite design. Not only is the invitation important to get done asap, but for me it is also a source of event theme inspiration. That may sound backwards to some of you {I tend to do and be a little backwards}. Most people probably have an idea of their event's theme prior to invite design, but I was clueless. This was my way of passing the creative pressure on to Chloe. The only direction I gave Chloe went something like this, "I'm thinking narrow chevron stripes in Em's colors." I'd seen a chevron striped crib sheet in Emily's registry that I loved. That was it. That was all I had.

Luckily, Chloe also happens to know Emily very well. So, she didn't really need lots of direction in this case. As well, she ended up contributing the invites to the shower. But, I wouldn't know that until after the design process. She treated the invite like it was my baby, like she would with any client. After she sent me one design concept, I knew she had it nailed! The theme would be chevron stripes and hearts in Emily's colors, pink & navy.

From there I started shopping for decorations {thrilled to at last have direction; thanks Chloe!}. Anne would be hosting the shower and was taking care of food. Chloe also designed and contributed food placards to coordinate with the invitations and theme. 

I had recently made a key fob favor set for someone who was hosting/organizing a special bachelorette weekend, and that turned out really great {read about it here}...otherwise I'd never have thought of it on my own. So I began toying with the idea of trying to match Emily's shower's theme with Pretty by JL key be used as the shower's favors. Here's what I came up with...

I used two of our existing designs to coordinate with the chevron stripe and heart theme: our 2 color arrow & our 2 color heart designs. I special ordered silk in navy blue {since we don't keep that on hand} and used watermelon silk to best match Emily's pink color.

I made five of each design, one for each of our guests...

...what do you think?! I was pretty happy with the end result, and the guests seemed to enjoy them too! You can customize your own fob favor set, and see more details & photos of this set here!

I felt really good about how the shower was coming together, and when the day finally came, none of us were disappointed!

We had a champagne bar complete with chevron striped paper straws {Emily LOVES straws}!

Instead of games, we did a craft...100% planned by Emily. We made headbands for baby girl {above} and...

...onesies with bow ties or applique neckties for baby boy! The day was wonderful and so much fun!! To think it all started with an invitation...well okay, maybe it all started with a precious baby girl & boy! But, thank goodness for babies giving us good reasons to have PRETTY baby showers!

Chloe will often times list custom designs she's done for her clients in her Etsy Shop...for customization. Choosing a design like this is most economical because she isn't designing the card from scratch. She's updating the design with your chosen colors and details. Browse her shop today to see some of the other gorgeous designs that she has available {and for other events!}. If you'd like to customize Emily's shower invite, just click here!

Be in touch with me, through Pretty by JL's Etsy Shop, if you have an event coming up that our key fobs might be the perfect favor for! I'd be happy to try to match your theme. I will also order special silk colors for you, if the perfect ones can't be found on our silk color swatches...the possibilities are truly endless! 


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  1. yay! what a fun shower!!! I cannot wait to meet Annika and Dominic, too!!!