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behind the scenes :: a handcrafted collection ----->

<----- on Wednesday, I was all excited about showing you what it looks like when I work with silk, because I looove working with's soft and strong and beautiful. Anyway the chore part of the collection making process is mostly done {mostly}. There is the whole graphic design thing, descriptive writing, and commerce/marketing side of things. But, I truly enjoy most of that, and I don't really do my own I really enjoy that. You can catch a little glimpse of Chloe's behind the scenes process here.

Today is the last of my behind the scenes posts. On Monday I get to reveal Watermelon Limeade, our Summer 2013 Accessory Collection itself! I'm very excited, and so, today we are going to have fun with photos!

My dad is the photographer. Naturally, I visited my parent's home for the photo shoot. Mere days before we planned to take the photos, I had the idea of creating a watermelon limeade recipe. It may be surprising to find out that the accessory collection is not actually named after the refreshing summertime beverage, but instead inspired an amazingly refreshing summertime beverage!

The collection was inspired by summer. I will expand on the specifics of it later, and actually probably after the reveal of our Fall Accessory Collection, because I'm a fuzz backwards like that. But anyway, once I'd made a few pieces, the collection's name came to me as if it had always existed, and once it came to me, I had to know what watermelon limeade tasted like. I figured there'd be a recipe out there already that I could use. But, if there is...I didn't find it. I found variations of watermelon lemonade...which were helpful in keeping me from having to figure out how to deal with watermelon on my own. But, there wasn't anything quite like what I imagined my watermelon limeade to be like.

So, at my mom and dad's, I played with it until I got it right.

The yummies themselves...

Refreshing goodness...

What ya do...

I split the batch between two-1 liter carafes...

My notes after my first taste...

My mom and I decided it need a fuzz more sugar. So, we did it, and it turned out amazing. This stuff didn't last long...

Don't worry, I don't expect you to make it from guessing what I did in each photo. I'll give you the recipe. But, ya gotta wait 'til Monday :)

So, once I satisfied my curiosity, and quenched my thirst for watermelon limeade, I got the little pretties out themselves. Here's a few of the accessories...{I still had some pieces to make in order to photograph them all. This was part of my recent working vacation.}

My parents live outside of Canon City. While Elle West and I were there, there were several wild fires going on. I'd been a little worried about the effect all the smoke would have on the photos, but it actually ended up filtering the light in a way that made the setting sun less harsh and a bit more soft, and while it remained very summer visually. It was perfect for the collection.

We had fun with the shoot, and Elle West is my top model of course. I'm just going to show you some of my favorite outtakes because they didn't make the cut, but I still love them.

Here's my baby helping shut the bag. I'm a freakzoid about the silk getting dirty {if it's not mine}. You can check out our accessory care instructions listed in our Etsy shop policies here. They actually clean up very nicely, but I still don't want to soil any I plan to sell {obviously}. It makes me cringe a little even wearing them for the minute it takes to take a picture. So, I keep 'em sealed up during the shoot if they're not immediately being photographed.

She's got an infant stacked braid on.

I try to get them on and off of her quickly so that she doesn't get impatient.

I've got braid bracelets on in watermelon limeade {left} and watermelon {right}.

Elle West was on the move! We pretty much just chased her around and snapped photos hoping for the best. Like I said, this one didn't make the cut, but it's adorable.

And this one. Jeez...

She's wearing an infant braid in watermelon.

Same bracelet, and she loves it.

Wiggle, wiggle, run, run, climb, climb...

She's got on an infant braid on, in lemon.

My turn. My dad snapped pictures of me and hoped for the best. Although, I kinda wonder what he was hoping for here...{maybe an outtake}

A lot of times I wear one on each wrist so my dad can just switch sides to snap the photos quickly. I've got on braid bracelets. Again, watermelon limeade on the left and watermelon on the right.

We took several shots of me drinking {watermelon limeade of course!}...

...but, none of them turned out quite right. I sort of like that one. But, my hand looks funny. The watermelon limeade does looks delicious though. I'm wearing a stacked braid in watermelon limeade and it looks pretty. See what I mean about the smoky haze? None of these photos have been edited in any way, by the way. Not even this one...

That one is beer poster ready if you ask me. But, not quite as much as this one...

My mom and I had some good belly laughs from these. Does that one scream Miller Time, or have I just been exposed to waaay too many beer posters?! Ahh, we laughed so hard we teared up. What was I doing anyway?! {maybe someone spiked my watermelon limeade}

But, the arrow bracelet looks fantastic. It comes in watermelon arrow and in lime arrow.

Well, thanks for taking a peek behind the scenes! It's been a good deal of work, but quite a lot more fun. I'm super excited to show you the collection in it's entirety and for you to taste watermelon limeade. Stop by the comments and let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for the reveal of Watermelon Limeade, a Pretty by JL Accessory Collection, HERE on Monday! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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