Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4} silver notions

behind the scenes :: a handcrafted collection ----->

<----- on Friday, we caught a glimpse of what Watermelon Limeade's color palette looks like from making the collection's key fobs. But, before we can move full speed ahead working with silk {the very most fun part!}, we've got a fairly decent sized prepping project to work on.

We've got to get the sterling silver clasps and jump rings put together, so that we can easily attach the silk...to easily and more efficiently make the collection's bracelets and wraps.

Here are the little bags of sterling silver parts I entered into inventory at the very start of this process...

Your are looking at hundreds of dollars worth of silver notions there, and it is only enough to make about fifty pieces. That is why I had a babysitter for this project. I'd spent the first part of the day on the computer {my kids aren't big fans of me looking at the computer}, and then I spent a couple hours in the afternoon getting these clasp pieces put together. I enjoyed the chore type task much more without worrying about little hands making a mess of, or losing, any of my silver parts.

For child and infant bracelets, I use soldered heart jump rings as the clasp attachment. You can see what I mean here by scrolling through the photos.

I need to attach the hearts to the jump rings that the silk will be tied off to {these are common on all bracelets, child & adult, and on all designs}...

Then I need to attach our small lobster clasps to their own jump ring {the same kind that I attached the heart to}, and these are used on infant, child, adult braids, and wraps, and on our 2 color heart bracelets. The heart set will be tied off on the finished end of a child bracelet, while the silk would have been tied to the clasp set to start the bracelet.

Our small sterling silver lobster clasps are made in Italy, and I think that is cool...

These are the sterling silver jump rings the silk is tied to, and the clasp or clasp attachment. Also they're the common jump rings on all of our bracelets, and found on both ends of a bracelet. They are made in the USA. Again, I think that's cool :)

Next I attach our large lobster clasps to their jump rings. These are used on our larger bracelets like our 3 color heart and stacked braid designs...

Then I attach the adult soldered jump rings to our primary jump rings {they are small and round instead of heart shaped}...

Now I have four piles of finished sets. They consist of five different and high quality sterling silver notions: our primary jump ring, heart soldered jump ring, round soldered jump ring, and our small & large lobster clasps. Each bracelet will use two of the four sets pictured here...depending on the size and design.

I use two nice pair of jeweler's pliers to put all the pieces together. It's not super exciting work, but makes the actual bracelet making part move much more quickly, which IS exciting!

That's my last chore! Now I'm ready to finish the collection's accessories by working with silk! I will show you some of that on Wednesday, and in ONE more week I get to reveal Watermelon Limeade itself, our 2013 Summer Accessory Collection! I'm getting very excited and hope you are too!


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