Friday, July 5, 2013

3} fobs

behind the scenes :: a handcrafted collection ----->

<----- on Wednesday, I shared what goes into the stamping, blackening, and polishing of tags & charms. Well, the next part of the collection that I worked on, and am going to share today, are the key fobs. There is still some chorish type work to finish and discuss, but I'm gonna save that for Monday. After suffering for days since receiving the silk, and doing the other things that had to be done first, I'm dying now to work with it, and see how the collection colors will come together! Working with the silk is my very favorite part, and luckily, there is lots more of it to come!

Key fobs are an awesome member of our Pretty by JL accessory line up. Since not everyone wears jewelry, or not everyday like I do, key fobs are a great way to wear a little of the colorful flair we offer. My 3 color heart bff "G" key fob {pictured here} often dangles from my jeans pocket creating a somewhat unexpected, but extremely stylish accessory. It brightens my day each time I see or hold it. Gabe uses the "J" key fob :) {and he also picked the colors}

To work on key fobs, I get out the silk {YAY!}, the stainless steel split key rings, the very cool square stainless steel jump rings made by Unkamen Supplies, and my pliers.

I need to first attached the jump rings to the key rings...

Then I can attach the silk. comes an Elle West.

I'll bet I can distract her from the fun stuff I'm working on with popcorn and a move. Let's see...


I know it seems like a lot of the same photo, but notice how much Elle West moves. True has kept relatively still, but Elle, good grief...I only stood in the doorway for about thirty seconds. This one is my favorite...

Now that I've got Elle and True contained and happy, I can get back to my silk!

I select the colors, in the numbers that I need, to complete the planned designs...

It takes four pieces of silk, half the amount of a bracelet in the same design, to make a fob. Since fobs are short, I can loop the silk in half to get the eight strands I need to complete the design pattern.

They're ready! Now we get to catch a glimpse of Watermelon Limeade coming together!

I made one of Watermelon Limeade's 3 color arrow, and a 3 color heart, key fobs...

...then I alternated between the two to get the variety in my life that I need :)

Ahhh, I scratched an itch in desperate need of I will be at peace with another little chore necessary; in order to really forge ahead with working with the collection's silk! I've gotta say, too, that I'm liking the feel and look of Watermelon Limeade...PRETTY summer, don't you think?

On Tuesday, I will show you how all the silver fits I get to play with little silver notions while True and Elle get to play with a babysitter! I hope you have a wonderful, and safe, holiday weekend!


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