Wednesday, June 5, 2013

water bottle & iced coffee giveaway

{Photo taken by me on Instagram}

Okee-doke, I totally bought a Pretty by JL water bottle. Why? Because I had to test out the Pretty by JL Goodsie shop, that's why! I was so excited to finally have them for sale online, and I figured that I should know what the buyer process looks like on Goodsie! Great news, it was super easy! But, now I want to give it away...AND my favorite-summer-PrettybyJL-water-bottle-beverage, Starbucks Iced Coffee!

Yes, you do spy whipped cream coming out of the top of my water bottle! Here is how I like it: I empty an iced coffee packet into my water bottle, poor a cold bottle of water on top of that, and then I add some half and half. Then I put the lid on and shake it up. After that, I add ice cubes and whipped cream {if we have any}! The iced coffee is already slightly sweetened, just the way I like it, and adding half and half turns it into creamy wonderfulness!

The stainless steel water bottle has a wide enough mouth for ice cubes and is seriously a dream to drink out of {I've had water bottles that aren't}. Annnd, since it is made out of stainless steel, it washes clean easily; leaving no weird after tastes or smells in between beverages. That is really important, to me, since I have water in it most of the time. I would be very annoyed if it always tasted or smelled like coffee {even though I love coffee}. Check it out in our new online shop here!

To win: leave me a comment and share!

You can share on facebook, twitter, pin it, instagram it, call your mom, sister, brother or tell someone in line at the grocery store! I don't care how you share, just do me a favor and tell someone! Because all water bottle proceeds go toward the development of Pretty-Bras for Nursing Moms, which is a very very cool thing!

I will have True pick a number, and I will announce the winner on Saturday! Good luck!


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